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Better To Be Lowly In Spirit


Funny how the human mind is capable of taking a rigid position when that position is based on little or even nothing at all and how hard it is to detect an unstable basis--and this seems to be more true as intelligence increases.

Read the quote below by Harold P. Barker

"Temper is what gets most of us intro trouble. Pride is what keeps us there."

In an old monastery near Bebenhausen, Germany, one can see two pairs of deer horns hanging on the wall. The horns are interlocked.

They were found in that position many years ago. Apparently two bucks had been fighting for territorial or herd rights, and their horns became jammed together and could not be separated. They died in a fighting position, unable to find a way of co-operating so that on bended knees, both might eat or drink or eventually be free of the other.

These locked horns are not unlike many relationships that can be found today in homes, schools, factories, offices and even churches. People become entrenched in their positions and angrily confront those who oppose them. In the process, they 'lock horns' and seem unable to ask each other for forgiveness, or find a mutual way of serving one another in love. Both parties in such a relationship suffer, and ultimately lose.

If you are at odds with someone today, go to that person and ask what the two of you might do to reconcile. You may be surprised to find that the other person wants reconciliation as much as you do!    -- Harold P. Barker



Last updated: Jul, 2010

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