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Challenging Those Who Are Preaching Evolutionism


A Teacher of logic Takes an Illogical Stand and Will Not Admit It

A personal testimony:

I heard an acquaintance, a teacher of logic, conversing with some students. The question was, "Even though it's illogical, can we still believe in God?" The answer the teacher gave was, "Yes, as long as you remember that it's totally illogical to do so." This seemed like an odd conversation for several reasons. First, it seemed like an inappropriate use of tax dollars. Second, I wondered what kind of logic my friend was using.

I asked this logic teacher about molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication and whether the thought processes used by the followers (less than 10% of the population) of this conjecture / fabrication, which is taught as if it were a scientific theory, were using valid logic.  He asserted that there was absolute evidence to support naturalistic evolution.  I clarified to make sure that my friend was speaking of pure mathematical logic and scientific observation, and he affirmed that, in his opinion, the theory was supported by undeniable and pure mathematical logic and scientific observation.  I said that I was interested in having my friend show me this mathematical logic and observation, because I had asked others to show me this kind of proof and no one would do it.  He told me that he would do that for me.  I didn't really believe him.

Within a day, I had three articles by a prominent evolutionist on my desk. I promised my friend that I would study the articles, and I did. The gist of the articles, in all cases, was this: we have fossils; we can make up creative stories about these fossils; based on these "scientific facts," the creative stories, we can know that all plants and animals came from a common ancestor by natural processes. I was amazed that such phony logic would ever be presented as proof. When my children were growing up, they sometimes told me creative stories. The stories were even feasible. They also turned out to be fibs. I never called their creative stories, "scientific facts," though.

My friend and I carried on this dialog for about a year. He would bring me something he claimed to be proof. Nothing he showed me was proof. I have to say that at first many of the arguments for evolution have seemed, on the surface, to make sense, but they self-destruct in the light of thought and information. No wonder so few believe in evolution. Finally, my logic teacher friend said to me, "If you are requiring me to show you proof of evolution that consists of pure mathematical logic and scientific observation, I'll tell you right now that there is no such proof." Then he made a strange assertion, "Very little of interest can be proven by pure mathematical logic and scientific observation." Wait a minute. Mathematical logic and scientific observation are used to make motors, bicycles, cars, houses, watches and everything else that we manufacture. Evolution does not have proof because it isn't valid. The government has spent billions trying to prove evolution to be true and has not produced one speck of proof.

Since this time, I have watched the debates between various State-paid Evolutionists and various PhD and even amateur Creation Scientists. The Evolutionists look ridiculous. Only a fool would believe them. They use loopy forms of logic and also many misrepresented facts. Those uncut debates are very telling and embarrassing to Evolutionists. No wonder such a small number of people believe in this silly theory. It just doesn't have any evidence to support it. It seems to me that evolutionism is more of a religious doctrine of the New Age religions than it is science. Why do we spend so many tax dollars teaching this debunked religious doctrine?

There is another strong trend. Evolutionists are becoming increasingly violent. They use the government to coerce anyone who teaches the facts. They use intimidation. This site gets a fair number of hate emails, and this is a site about fulfillment and how to achieve it.

Christians should be merciful and kind to those who have been deceived by Evolutionism and Christians should pray for them.

Is There A Quick Way To Understand Why Evolution Is Not Science? Yes!

I Just Made It Up Is Not A Good Reason To Believe Something


Last updated: Nov, 2011

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