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Could You Imagine At Christmas


Could you imagine if a holiday were named after a certain person, but there were some people who were offended by that holiday because they don't like that person and they don't like what that person stood for?

Could you imagine if some were so offended by the holiday that the mere mention of the name of the holiday would offend them?

Could you imagine if news anchor persons were offended, people in Hollywood were offended, professors in colleges were offended, the ACLU was offended, and powerful people who ran retail stores were offended.

Suppose that this holiday really was about a certain group of people, and some people didn't like this group of people.

Suppose that there was a fight to keep the name of this holiday out of public view?

Could you imagine what it would be like if some people were so offended by this holiday that, rather than call it by it's real name, they were to say: "Happy Holidays!"

Could you imagine what would happen if this holiday were Martin Luther King Day?  What would people say about those bigots who were offended?

Could you imagine that?

But it's not Martin Luther King Day; it's Christmas. As great as Martin Luther King was, he bowed in humble submission before the Christ of Christmas. He openly stated that he was a servant of Christ. 

Yet, many who would never think of dishonoring Dr. King think nothing of dishonoring the Lord God of Heaven, the very Christ for whom Dr. King lived his life. They think nothing of dishonoring the living Christ, the Christ who is the only reason that Dr. King had any success in setting people free.

Pray that God would move on the hearts of the hard-hearted and bigoted, those who reject the King of Glory. The disciples said, "Knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men." Have compassion on lost souls, and persuade the unbelievers to follow Jesus. Never be afraid to tell what Jesus has done for you personally. Remember that God loves them and would have all men to be saved. As in Adam all die, so in Christ will all be made alive.  There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.  We were also lost in sin, slaves to the prince of darkness, but now, through Christ, we have come to the light.  We are no longer slaves to do those things of which we are now ashamed, but the Bible says we can go from glory to glory by the power of the Spirit.  What a blessing you can share with others!  Amen.

Last updated: Dec, 2012

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