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Everyone Has Fallen Short of the Glory of God


Everyone Has Fallen Short of the Glory of God.

If you break one part of God's law, you are guilty of all of it.

You need to understand that God's requirement goes beyond obeying a set of rules. God's requirement involves seeking Him, finding Him, having a relationship with Him, allowing Him to lead and give the power to be transformed and transfigured, and finishing the course. Anything less than that is sin. Rule-based people want to prove that they are good people. Unfortunately, even by such a low standard, they do not come close to obeying the laws of God.

  • "I'm a good person." does not make the grade with God. God calls that self-righteousness, and He knows the intents of every person, you and me included.
  • God must have only those who have been washed clean, and He provided His own Son, Jesus to do the cleansing.
  • Some people think that they are pretty good, but God knows that all have sinned and fallen short of His glory.

Check out this list. Have you ever done any of these things?

  1. If you have even entertained a desire to do any single one of them, you have a need to be delivered.
    1. God has provide deliverance, but only through Jesus.
    2. You must accept the deliverance that Jesus gives. God won't force you.
  2. You have earned hell and need God's forgiveness.
  • Judging anyone else when you are not perfect
  • Telling a lie
  • Gossiping
  • Saying a word of contempt for another person
  • Wishing bad things to happen to others
  • Holding anger toward another person
  • Stealing anything
  • Feeling bad that someone has something that you don't have
  • Not realizing that God is in control of everything
  • Not realizing that God is good and perfect
  • Doing anything that dishonors God
  • Treating your parents in a way that does not reflect perfect respect and honor
  • Loving pleasure more than you love God
  • Loving anything more than you love God
  • Not believing that Jesus is God's Son
  • Not receiving Jesus, God's Son
  • Killing or hurting any person (including the unborn)
  • Working on the Sabbath Day
  • Taking anything that does not belong to you (even a piece of paper or a pencil)
  • Desiring someone else to take something from someone else by force and give it to you. (socialistic programs)
  • Any promiscuity or perversion. Using that which is holy in marriage in some other way.
  • Believing worldly sources of information.
  • Adding to or taking from the Bible by rationalizations
  • And that list is just the beginning. All have fallen short.

    You can be one of those who is saved.

    Click to understand how you can be born again?

Romans 3:23
Habakkuk 1:13
Isaiah 64:6
Revelation 20:10-15
Isaiah 59:2

Last updated: Sep, 2011

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