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Here Are Some Non-conservative Ideas


Non-Conservative Ideas

  • Let the 81% of the population that identifies themselves as Christian have a real, living experience with Jesus Christ.Let them take their responsibility and start voting. In their choices, let them be led by the Holy Spirit and the Bible.
  • Return education to the system that worked.Let the religious organizations and homes teach the children.
  • If the liberals want to teach Humanism, Atheism, and Agnosticism, DON'T let them do it with public money.They can start their own New Age religion schools in which to teach the precepts of Naturalism, materialism, and political correctness.
  • Let the church be the church and make the government stay out of church business.
  • If the Secular Humanists, or any other New Age denominations, want to do service to those in need, DON'T let them use the Government to coerce tithes and offerings from those who don't believe in their doctrines.Make them start their own organizations and take offerings from among their own members.
  • Let the church return to the Biblical orders and priorities of the church.Let them use their resources to help those who cannot help themselves and to spread the Gospel.
  • Let any who have fleeced the flock repent.
  • Let any who have squandered tithe and offering money repent.

Last updated: Nov, 2011

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