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How Is Evolutionism Vital To Religion?


How Is Evolutionism Vital to Religion?


The Secular Humanist religion needs Evolution. The Atheist religion needs Evolution. Many religions embrace Evolutionism. Some depend on it. Any religion that accepts Evolutionism is choosing to believe the human mind or doctrines of demons rather than believing the Living God Who created all things. That's why the dogma of Evolution is so religiously defended and promoted--regardless of fact. Evolution needs an old earth (although the Evolutionistic hypothesis wouldn't even hold together if there were an infinitely old Earth), while the Bible does not absolutely demand a young Earth.  In fact, it would take some wild assumptions to dream about an Earth older than a few thousand years. There is no scientific evidence for an old Earth either.

There is plenty of scientific evidence for a young Earth and a recent creation:

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  2. Several Articles on Various Aspects
  3. What Evidence is Used to Show that the Earth is Young?
  4. The Universe was Created Recently.
  5. Fourteen Easy-To-Understand Reasons for a Young Earth
  6. Questions and Answers About the Age of the Earth
  7. Old Galaxies Don't Line Up with Facts


Through baseless speculation, coupled with many wild assumptions and much illogical thinking, a person could reconcile the Bible and Evolution. Speculation is, however, as silly for theologians as it is for scientists, although it is widely practiced by both groups. If someone were to speculatively rational-lies such an Evolutionary premise, they would probably talk about some process directed by God. If God were doing it, of course, it wouldn't be Evolution, would it? It would be slow creation. Slow creation would not be a big deal for a Christian--its just that the premise is just so unlikely. It is in conflict with what the Bible says, and no one has ever found a legitimate error in the Bible. Also, there is no scientific evidence that in any way indicates that God did not create the world in six twenty-four hour days. Stories of Evolution are Fairy Tales and nothing more.

The idea of evolution is such an absurd hypothesis from a logical/scientific standpoint that random evolution could not be impossible. Why would anyone bother making up lies to try to rationalize such a speculation? Money? Yes. Some of them might want to write a book to get royalties. Money talks. Grants from the ungodly government? Yes. The world swings open the door for anyone who comes in the authority of their own self, but closes the door for those who come in the name of Jesus. When the world opens the door, it is an open door to making a lot of money from lies, ungodliness. This is flimflam with the money you pay for taxes.



Evolution isn't science.

Last updated: Nov, 2011

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How Is Evolutionism Vital To Religion?

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Evolutionism Is A Dogma Of The Religion, Humanism Or Secularism (and Other Religions). It Is Pseudo-Science. It Is Obviously Metaphysical.





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