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If you do not believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings you can never be a Muslim



I have to say that you are making inaccurate comments on Islam. In the first few pages of the Quaran it says "If you do not believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings you can never be a Muslim". So what does that tell you about our belief in Jesus Christ? We also believe in the Second Coming of Christ. Answer:

Thank you for your letter.   I appreciate it.   It is not our intent to give any incorrect information, nor did we mean any disrespect.   We apologize for any error.   Of course, any error is an embarrassment to and those who maintain the site and to no one else.  
It seems like Muslims are almost as divided as Christians.   Maybe there are many statements that are on the site that only apply to some Muslims.   Perhaps you could give some further information.  
Jesus claimed to be God.   That is the reason they gave for killing Him.   He also said that no one comes to the Father except by Him.   I hope that you do believe these things and accept Him as your Lord and Savior from sins and your God.   Do you?  
I have heard that Muslims throughout the world are meeting Christ and coming into His presence without another person talking to them other than Jesus.   That is, while they were in prayer, Jesus came directly to them and they received Him.   God usually works through His people, but sometimes goes directly to those He is calling.  
On the coming of Christ, I don't think that most Christians understand this very well according to the Bible.   Although the message does come out sometimes just because they are quoting the Bible, but I have found that there is not a firm understanding with most Christians.   In most cases, the word, "coming," is a translation of the Greek word, "parousia."   Parousia means abiding presence.   There is no mention of a second coming in the Bible, but many Christians use this theological term.   There is a mention of the coming of Christ.   There is also a description of the return of Christ. The coming is the abiding presence of Christ, which goes from glory to greater glory.   It goes from to greater   It is literally the Love of God, Who is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.   God is Love.   The coming (abiding presence) is a very different thing from Christ's return.   Both are in the Bible.  

There is also much about the appearing, literally the unveiling, of Christ.   This is the apocalypses.   You have probably heard the word, apocalypse thrown around quite carelessly, but it is the unveiling.   There is only one reference in Scripture that gives us a key as to what this veil is.   It is the human flesh.   This is the removal of the fleshly nature of man and it appears to be closely related to the redemption of our bodies.  

Given all that, I don't want to get into a lot of the crazy speculation about end times.   There is no good to come out of speculation.   What I want to say is this: the abiding presence of Christ is available to everyone who will accept it.   It is an ongoing relationship with Christ.   It is real and He is alive.   He becomes a flowing well of love in the heart of the person who will yield to Him and accept Him as Lord.   That is very hard for a proud human being to become a slave to the Master, Jesus, but the reward is total fulfillment, joy, love, and life.   There is much sin among Christians and much that is in rebellion.   I'm sure that you have seen this lifestyle.   These are those who do not want His abiding presence.   Those who do not want His abiding presences will not rejoice at His returning.  

Last updated: Nov, 2011

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If you do not believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings you can never be a Muslim

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