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Is it a Universal Negative to Claim There Is No God?


An Atheist website posted the following in response to the statement that you cannot prove a universal negative:

"In the first place, of course you can. For example, you could disprove the statement that 'there are polka-dotted geese.' That would be a universal negative and you can disprove that. But more importantly, the claim that 'God does not exist' is not a universal negative. It's a singular negative. And certainly you can prove negative singular statements, such as, 'There is no planet between Venus and the Earth.' You can provide arguments to show that a singular negative statement is true."

This is an unbelievable level of ignorance, but it is not that uncommon. Let's look at all the claims. Can you prove that there are not polka-dotted geese. Keep in mind that my Aunt Mindy paints polka-dots on her geese and lets them run in her back yard. Suppose she didn't. Do you know whether or not there is a planet somewhere in the Universe where polka-dotted geese run free? If so, what is the method by which you prove it? Perhaps, you travel throughout the Universe on a daily basis to make sure it hasn't happened? If it's rational, then everyone should be able to try it out and see for themselves. Give the steps to the process by which you would prove this so we can all try your method.

The part comparing a planet between Venus and Earth to God is called a faulty comparison fallacy. If there were a planet between Venus and Earth, then scientists would have observed it. Scientists have not observed it. What is the method by which we should apply the same process to God? There is none. The claim, "There is no God," is a universal negative.

It should be noted that just because no one can prove that God doesn’t exist, this is not proof that God does exist. And failing to prove that there are no polka-dotted geese doesn’t prove that there are polka dotted geese. Just because you can’t find any evidence against something doesn’t prove it true. To try to prove things in this way is the logical fallacy of argument from ignorance.

If you want to prove that God exists, you need proof. Every person who follows Christ Jesus has found that proof. The claim, "God exists," is a checkable claim. Everyone can check it out. No one needs special test equipment. Everyone who persistently and sincerely seeks Jesus Christ in respect and submission does find Him. There are no exceptions.

There is one other point that may be the most important point. Atheism is a hoax. Every person knows that God exists. God reveals that He makes Himself plain to them through the things that He has created. The problem is that they have suppressed this truth in unrighteousness. They have used sin to hide this from their own eyes. They have developed a worldview, a fake-reality, that blinds their eyes to God. They have help from the god of this world to blind their eyes. When they come face to face with reality, they quickly rationalize it away. It’s amazing how hard they work on this. So, there are no true Atheists. Every person knows and is without excuse.

Last updated: Sep, 2014

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Is it a Universal Negative to Claim There Is No God?



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