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Is the Church or Christianity a Socialist System?


Socialims is a forced system.  It works by coercion.  Some have taught that the early church was a socialistic system or a communistic system.  In the early church, all giving was voluntary.  What Ananias had was his before he decided to sell it and say that he was giving all the money but was holding back some and lying to the Holy Spirit.

There is no hope in the world or worldly systems.   From what can be observed, human attempts to create the Kingdom of God have left out the King, Jesus.   They have not waited for God to move but have tried to establish righteousness by laws, rules, and systems.

There is no implication here that the free enterprise is the solution to the world's problems either.   Those who think that the free enterprise system is going to some the world's problems are mistaken. The only solution is the Kingdom of God and for the followers of Christ to begin to follow Christ.   Righteousness that flows from the Spirit of God will cause peace and harmony, but the self-righteousness of the human can only cause the judgments of God to fall on a nation.

Some have  implied that the commands of the Bible to take care of poor are to be carried out by the state and not by the Church.  What do you think?

Here are a few reasons that are given for preferring free enterprise over socialism:

  1. For those who truly embrace socialism and look at it as the salvation of the world, socialism is a counterfeit of the Kingdom of God. To them it is the kingdom without King Jesus.
  2. Christians are to reach into their own pockets. The tithes and the offerings are to be used, by the Church, not the Government, to help orphans and widows. These tithes and offerings are to be given voluntarily and cheerfully, not by coercion. 
  3. One problem in the United States (and other countries) is that the Secular Humanist religion has become the State sponsored "church." The Federal Government is acting as if it were the Secular Humanist church, not using tithe but using taxes to do churchy types of things.
  4. Socialism has often resulted in totalitarianism and fascism, since taking taxes always results in force. The compassion of the Socialist can be a false compassion that is simply a method of gaining political power.
  5. Socialism has resulted in terrible persecution of Christians and disregard for the principals of Christ.
  6. Wherever socialism has been implemented, people have become more hardened and less willing to help each other.

Christians who believe in either socialism or free enterprise as the solution to the world's problems need to be especially careful in evaluating their motivations.

It is possible to be totally sincere as a Christian and to be either in favor of free enterprise or socialism. Perhaps the advice of Paul regarding the food offered to idols could be adapted here. "The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him."

Last updated: Dec, 2012

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