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How do churches become confused?


You are born again into the Church and out of the world so that you can grow. You grow as the Holy Spirit conforms you to the image of Christ, your Ministry in the Body of Christ. This is a process that goes from glory to glory. When everything is in complete unity with God's will and built according to God's Pattern as He gave it in Scripture, the Body and the Head (Jesus) will be joined as one totally complete man. This is the manifestation or the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

The Church Becomes Confused About Its Role If It Rejects Scripture. In an effort to become relevant, the leadership moves away from the Bible not realizing that the reason that they are irrelevant is not because they are too close to the pattern of Scripture but because they have moved too far from the pattern of Scripture.

Many Christians know, by the Spirit of Christ Who dwells in them, that the Church has not been called to use the Government to coerce unbelievers into helping the poor. They see through all the arguments of the socialists, the rationalists, the naturalists, and the materialists.

When a church organization disconnects their beliefs from the real world, they make themselves irrelevant. Christians have tried to make the church fit into the world. They have tried to conform to Atheistic doctrines such as evolution, Naturalism, democracy, monarchy, human effort, human talent, and entertainments.  

The Bible is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice and everything that it touches upon. You won't read about entertainments in the church in the Bible. You won't see the hired local pastors in the Bible. These are the types of structures for which the leadership is willing to twist the Scripture. They need to straighten it out and go back to what the Bible actually says.  

Some of them see the difference between actually following the Word of God or "just making it up as you go along." Some Christians are shocked at the money being squandered on ever larger and more grandiose buildings. The pleas for money are a big reason that some people walk away.

These Christians recognize that God didn't put the church into the world to build beautiful buildings or to show off some flashy public speakers. God didn't place the church on the earth to stimulate the intellect or to entertain Christians. Some recognize that the church is not a marketing organization whose purpose is to build a mega-church.

It is difficult to respect half-hearted, hypocritical Christianity. Some are turned off by the lack of spiritual power and lack of spiritual authority. The Church is called out of the world. When a church organization makes itself part of the world, it's no wonder that spiritual people leave that church organization. They know, by the Spirit, that something is wrong.

Last updated: Oct, 2011

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