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They Have Their Minds Closed And That They Are Engaged In An Exercise Of Censorship.


Some don't even realize that they have their minds closed and that they are engaged in an exercise of censorship.Others are totally aware of what they are doing.Some are not aware that there is any conspiracy and would laugh at the idea.  Some conspire informally, and some conspire formally.

  1. There is an escalating politics of opposition.
  2. How ideas are opposed in public forums
  3. How the truth is opposed in every forum

These are the seven incremental methods used to oppose ideas. Each one is an escalation from the previous method and shows a greater level of anxiety on the part of the person using the tactic.

  1. Ignore the viewpoint
  2. Marginalization
  3. Contention with the foundational premises
  4. Summary Dismissal
  5. Ad Hominem Attacks
  6. Obstructions to stating opposing opinions
  7. Prohibitions to stating opposing opinions


Dr. Frank Wright

The cults are intent on message control. They are as zealous at promoting lies and blocking the truth as Christians are zealous at promoting truth and exposing lies. The following is a quote from Haberle in response to AIBS. The organization sees any message that doesn't conflict with the Bible as being a threat to them and made a statement to that effect.

Every communication is done with intent.It probably isn't all part of some sort of global conspiracy, although some of it is probably planned and coordinated.  But people speak from their own paradigms.  People communicate from their own world-views.Screen-writers write from their concept of reality.They have an idea about how the world is.  Authors of books also write from their own internal construction of the world.  Everyone has a background theory of the world.  Is the essence of the world spiritual?  Is the totality of existence matter and energy?  Does God do anything?

Every TV program is based on an intent or a worldview.  It is normal for a person to resist anything that does not fit into his or her worldview.

There have been several studies on scientists, showing that their knowledge is very much limited to their presuppositions and paradigms. Some Atheists have stated that, since the human mind can be so easily fooled and influenced, we ought to trust the human mind and not to trust God or ask Him to show us reality. Some Christians have said that since the human mind can be so easily fooled and influence, we ought to loosely hold onto our theories (that may seem to be more real than reality) so that God can correct us.

Last updated: Dec, 2013

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They Have Their Minds Closed And That They Are Engaged In An Exercise Of Censorship.

The Escalating Politics Of Opposition:

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Message Control By Ignoring The Viewpoint

Message Control By Marginalization

Message Control by Contention With the Foundational Premise

Message Control By Summary Dismissal

Message Control By Ad Hominem Attacks

Message Control By Obstructions To Stating Opposing Opinions

Message Control By Legal Prohibitions Against Stating Opposing Opinions

The Cults Are Intent On Message Control



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