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Three Basic Types Of Success Systems


There are three basic types of success systems, and they are based around three types of religions, human-based, spirit-based, and the religion of Jesus Christ. Human-based religions like Secularism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Evolutionism, Humanism, Materialism, and Naturalism follow the leading of their own minds and are empowered by their human potential, and there are success systems that are centered on these religious concepts. Spirit-based religions such as New Age, Satanism, ET, and Wicca follow the leading and are empowered by both human and other spirits. Christians follow a person, Jesus Christ, and they receive their power and help from Him.


Each of these three disciplines has different definitions for words like wisdom, knowledge, understanding, faith, hope, love, joy, sin, righteousness, and holiness. In fact, words like sin, righteousness, and holiness aren't even considered worthy of discussion by many success methods for the unsaved. Consider the success methods for Christians. They are by far superior to success methods of human-based of spirit-based religions. Yet, Christians are often persuaded to follow the ways of these other two false religions and never find real success. Some Christians have been so influenced by these other religions that they may have trouble understanding that sin, righteousness, and holiness are actually some of the most relevant success concepts.

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Last updated: Dec, 2012

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Three Basic Types Of Success Systems

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