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 Why Is Liberalism an Ungodly Religion?

Why Is Liberalism An Ungodly Religion?

Liberalism is a dangerous ungodly religion. The anti-Bible concept of "human goodness" lies at the root of many cults. Jesus said, "There is none good but God." Liberalism is founded on the supposed natural goodness of humans, which is a false supposition and an attempt to do away with the need for Jesus.

Note: The meaning of the word, Liberalism, was changed in the 1930s. Since the 1960s, the meaning of the word, Liberalism, has been changed even more.

Liberalism can be known by its fruits. There is risk of confusion of terms, but in practice, Liberalism supports:

  • abortion / assisted suicide / killing the weak and sick
  • godlessness / idolatry
  • promiscuity / fornication / perversion / unequal laws favoring engaging in perversion
  • drugs
  • envy / covetousness / communism / socialism / welfare
  • big totalitarian government utopian promises
  • evolutionism
  • denouncing good as evil / promoting evil as good
  • rebellion
  • relativism
  • exalting the human mind and rationalized speculation
  • self-righteousness / judgmental attitude / false accusation
  • aggression against Christians and Jews
  • aggression to advance Liberalism
  • any tactic (and there are many) that advances Liberalism.

And Liberalism opposes:

  • Biblical authority / revelation / morality
  • Biblical family / marriage
  • true godliness
  • national defense for free nations
  • law enforcement for free nations
  • free enterprise
  • anything (such as conservatism) that slows the advance of Liberalism.

The more consistently a person follows the tenets listed above, the more liberal that person is said to be. The more a person fulfills the problems mentioned in Romans 1, the more liberal that person is said to be. There are other definitions of the word, Liberalism, but this is the most common definition in general use.

The meaning of the word, conservatism, has been changed to mean: anyone who opposes the liberal characteristics listed above. And, liberals have defined three levels of conservatives, receiving increasing levels of liberal hate as you go from "conservative" to "ultra-conservative" and finally to the most hated "ultra-conservative Christian."

Liberalism is based on the human goodness cult. There is a theory founded on the natural goodness of humans. That theory, which says that natural goodness or righteousness comes from self, could be stated as self-righteousness. According to Webster's Dictionary, the other word or label for this theory is "liberalism." Natural human goodness, the basis of Liberalism, were it to actually exist, would eliminate the need for our Savior, Jesus Christ. As Jesus told the Scribes and Pharisees, because they think they have no need, they are still in their sins. Many consider Liberalism to be part of the New Age religion.

The government becomes the totalitarian "church" of Liberalism. Every effort is put into creating a situation where Biblical Christianity is not allowed to have any influence in government and the ungodly religion of Liberalism has tremendous control of most, if not all, governments. The adherents of Liberalism make very effort to increase the control of government and using governmental power to eliminate Biblical Christianity, even to the point of taking over authority of parents over their own children.

The Secular Television networks, Secular schools, Secular scientific journals, Secular music industry, Secular news industry, Secular entertainment industry, Secular print media, and Secular radio all are overwhelmingly controlled by Secularists, and Secularists tend to be Liberals. Every form of entertainment and information is used as a carrier to indoctrinate into Liberalism. And they are also used to demean, marginalize, condemn, denigrate, and belittle Biblical Christianity.


This is not to say that God doesn't impart any goodness at all to human beings. God created humanity and put a conscience in every person. The Bible is clear on that. The conscience gets seared, becomes evil, becomes insensitive to God, but God put a perfectly good conscience in every person. That's part of why no one will have an excuse in judgment. The trouble is that it's impossible for the natural human being, the unregenerate man or woman, to obey that conscience completely. It is true that the Bible says that some have become a law to themselves and some have tried to follow the actual law of God, the ten commandments and the levitical law, that is the law give by God to Moses. Had they been able to fulfill it, it would have been wonderful, but humanity cannot do it. We are sold into sin by inheritance, and that will continue until our bodies are redeemed. So, every time anyone tries, in their own effort, to obey their conscience, there is something there to taint it.

Because of the conscience, some people are able to silently, not in self-pride or self-righteousness but simply out of love, help in times of need. They perhaps have not yet totally seared their consciences. It's like that when a tsunami or hurricane strikes, and even unsaved people come in to help. Many do it for political gain or self pride, however. After Hurricane Katrina, they surveyed the people who had been helped as to where the help came from. It was the Churches 10 to 1 over every other source of help--including the government and the non-profits.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit, though, good works are like good, clean water mixed with sewage. There is always something that is wrong with it. As the Bible says, "Our righteous acts are filthy rags." Even at our best, we are pouring out filthy water, we are dumping filthy rags on those around us. Only the Holy Spirit within us is able to do good. And the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. There is no power for good without Jesus. As He said, "Without Me you can do nothing." There is no knowledge without Jesus: In Him is hidden all knowledge. He is also the only source of wisdom, understanding, love, righteousness, and peace.

The Ungodly Religion of Liberalism

Liberalism crosses political parties and national boundaries. It can be found in most churches to some degree. It is the natural tendency of the human to attempt show its own supposed goodness. The old Adam in each of us is a liberal. The natural mind is a liberal.

It has been falsely stated that Liberalism is a philosophy where anything goes and that accepts any idea as valid. The reality is that everyone has very definite ideas about what they feel is right and what they feel is wrong. Some liberals even hold a belief that it is right to believe that there is no right or wrong and it is wrong to believe that there is a right and wrong... if you can follow the inconsistency of that belief system. And they are eager to force this odd bit of reasoning on the rest of us. Weird!

Many people, liberal or not, are willing to try to coerce others into conformance to their personal belief system. Note the great liberal effort to push such ideas as liberal attitudes toward morality, political correctness, bogus science, bogus history, promiscuity, and perversion on the rest of society. They have had great success in most countries in using tax-supported schools to indoctrinate the young in these ideas. What would happen if Christians were as dedicated to what they believe? Too many Christians try to hide what they believe. Too many Christians cave in to coercion.

There is a theory founded on the natural goodness of humans. This kind of self-righteousness or belief in the natural goodness of humans is more of a religious theory although some think of it as a political theory. It may affect the political, and in most cases it looks to political power because it doesn't honor the power of God. However, this theory, though political, will surely affect the spiritual. Webster's Dictionary will show us that this theory is called, "Liberalism."

Http:// has chosen this meaning to be what this site means when it uses the words liberal or Liberalism. As a result, many who consider themselves to be liberal may not be liberal by this definition. No offense is meant to anyone who wants to be known as liberal yet does not fit this definition. If you don't fit this definition, doesn't consider you to be a liberal--even if you consider yourself to be liberal.

The type of Liberalism that professes natural human goodness is a cult.

There are at least two types of Liberalism, and this can lead to misunderstanding. One type is self-righteous and the other is humble. One seeks to take money from one group and give it to another group for political power. The other takes money out of his or her own pocket and secretly gives it to those in need. uses the word, liberal, to mean the self-righteous type of liberal because this is the most common modern usage of the term. When the word, liberal, is used on, self-righteousness is the context.

Liberalism makes Godliness seem trite or silly. Liberalism makes sin seem normal and righteousness seem strange or bazaar.

Some tenets of liberalism:


Do as thou wilt. Ability to change tenets at any time. Ability to pick one's own tenets from among many liberal tenets

Feeling that every person has his or her own reality. Believing in relativism: moral, spiritual, or physical. Feeling that, "My opinion is just as valid as yours." Thinking that all things are relative. Minds closed to the concept of real truth. Believing that there is no such thing as a lie. Believing that there is no right or wrong, just winners and losers

Trying to convince themselves that there is no real almighty God

The god of forces, or many gods, or all is god, or no one can know God, or no God.

Ability to hold two or more mutually exclusive tenets to be true at the same time. Compartmentalization of areas of thought to allow for conflicting and chaotic thought processes.

Believing that the government can solve all problems, or believing in socialism in some form and ignoring the violent history of socialism and human-based "utopia."

Ignoring the violent history of rationalized speculation.

Use of covetousness to rally support.

Desire to give the money of one group of people to a second group of people in order to gain the support of the second group of people.

Drugs and alcohol abuse.

All types of sexual activity outside of marriage between one man and one woman.

Strong emphasis on materialism.

Belief in rationalized speculation as the source for knowledge and wisdom.

New Age religions are promoted.

Biblical Christianity is not tolerated. Minds closed to the revelation in the Bible.

Minds closed to the authority of God.

Minds closed to the atoning work of Christ or even the knowledge that they need a Savior.

Minds closed to the righteousness that is only available in Christ.

Minds closed to God's ability to reveal Himself to each person.

Minds closed to the Holy Spirit.

Minds closed to the gifts of the Spirit that are only available through Christ.

Minds closed to Biblical Family order and Biblical Church order.

Adding to or taking from the Bible to make it acceptable.

Acceptance of pseudo-science based on rationalized speculation.

Abortion and Euthanasia.

Tendency to speak of passivism while endorsing violence.

Requiring no internal consistency from self or from liberal gurus.

Of course, all of this runs into problems with the Bible, so liberals, in general, try to imply that they can add to or eliminate parts of the Bible. A favorite tactic is to try to say that there are errors in the Bible.


The liberal mind-set is always looking to over turn God's law by any means. One method that they use is simply to be offended. They are easily offended about nothing at all. And they feel that they can be as offensive as a human being could be, but no one should say anything about that.

Liberalism is a smorgasbord dogma, though. That means that some liberals may both believe in "the natural goodness of humans" and also do not believe in "the natural goodness of humans." Some may even not believe in the prime directive of liberalism (human goodness) at all. They may have been brought into the fold by some other route such as through being seduced into the welfare mentality by looking for some government freebie. They may have been brought in through being brainwashed by the news media, entertainment media, or public education systems.

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There are 20 sub-topics of "Liberalism":

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Why Is Liberalism an Ungodly Religion?

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