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The Myth Of The Bigoted Christian Redneck


The ungodly who yammer on ceaselessly about "tolerance" and "diversity" don't seem inclined to extend those concepts to many of their fellow citizens, whom they portray as religious bigots, racist rednecks, and generally stupid people.

Mackubin Thomas Owens 

The Family Research Council

Krugman, Friedman, and Dowd lead a group of mad, anti-Christian journalists who are trying to promote further National division over Jesus Christ.  They are now putting forth a theory that they term, The Bigoted Christian Redneck."  In the term, Bigoted Christian Redneck," there are several ideas that the  worldly liberal elite are trying to put forward.


First of all, let me say that I would hope and pray that the American people have turned to God in a new way.  I would hope that such a huge contingent had turned out to vote for President Bush because of moral issues.  However, the exit polls, on which the Bigoted Christian Redneck" theory rests, do not bear that out.  That is because the exit polls lumped all moral issues into one category but didn't lump the other categories.  That is a pollster's trick to try to make people believe that something happened when that something did not happen.


Here were the choices and the poll results:


Education, 4 percent

Taxes, 5 percent

Health Care, 8 percent

Iraq, 15 percent

Terrorism, 19 percent

Economy and Jobs, 20 percent

Moral Values, 22 percent


This poll was purposely designed to make it seem as though Moral Values were the most important to American voters.  The term, "Moral Values" represents  a group of issues that have been lumped together, though.  If we are going to lump the issues, then we have only three choices that should have been given.  Those choices would be Foreign Policy Issues, Economic Issues, and Moral Values Issues.  Taking the numbers that we have and lumping them we add Terrorism and Iraq to come up with 34 percent who put Foreign Policy Issues first.  We add Economy and Jobs, Health Care, Taxes and Education to come up with the total for Economic Issues, which is 37 percent.


Foreign Policy Issues, 34 percent

Economic Issues, 37 percent

Moral Values Issues, 22 percent


Too bad, but Americans are not as morally sound as we had hoped.


The terms, Bigoted and Redneck, are somewhat redundant, except that redneck also implies a person of the working class.  Are they now taking a stand against working people?  Perhaps, but we won't deal with that here.  There is tremendous bigotry against Christians in the United States and throughout the world.  There always has been.  The ungodly media rarely report on the routine persecution of Christians and routine discrimination against Christians that goes on in every country including the United States.  Indeed, a slur like, Bigoted Christian Redneck," would never be tolerated if used against any other group, be it ethnic or cultural, yet the tolerance police" are the very ones using the bigotry-laden slur.  When they do hear about the persecution and discrimination, the elite New Agers are bigoted enough and prejudicial enough to say that this persecution and discrimination should exist.


The media elite have tried to imply or state outright that Christians tend to be ignorant.  There is little hope for this part of the theory, since it appears that the ungodly, of whom these media elite are representative, are the ignorant ones.  Christians are more widely read than non-Christians.  Christians get to hear the ungodly, the liberal view point everywhere they look, and are well aware of where the ungodly stand on most issues.  The ungodly, in general, don't have a clue what Christians are all about.  All they know about Christians are the misrepresentations of the Christian experience that are made by ungodly media elitists like Krugman, Friedman, and Dowd.  In addition, the ungodly have no idea what it is to be born again.  They don't know about the new perspective and power that is available only to those who have turned from their useless past sins and surrendered themselves to the Spirit of God. 


Last updated: Oct, 2011

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