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What Effect Is Theistic Evolution Having On Today's Christian Churches


What effect is theistic evolution having on today's Christian Churches?

Both theistic evolutionism and old Earthism (the two are bundled together) do a number of things.

    1. There is no way to make Theistic Evolutionism or Old Earthism consistent with the Bible without intense rationalization ("This verse plainly says one things but it means something else."). In other words, you must take a stand that is illogical, irrational. You would have to be inconsistent to be a Theistic Evolutionist.
      1. God forbids adding to or taking from His Word.
      2. Rationalism opens the door to apply the same method to any other part of the Bible, for instance, sexual perversion (adultery, pornography, homosexuality, etc.), feminism, the human goodness cult, salvation by means other than Christ, stealing, covetousness (as in socialism), dishonoring parents, dishonoring God, man-made religious orders in place of God's order as found in Scripture, or anything else that anyone wants to do.
    2. Evolutionism is a doctrine of Atheism.
      1. Atheists consider Christians who teach Evolution to be useful idiots who help spread the Atheistic dogma.
      2. Many Christians have become Atheists because Christians have taught them the lie that Evolution and Old Earth mythologies are science. At some point, they read the Bible and they realize that neither Evolution nor Old Earth stories can be reconciled to the Bible. Then, they become Atheists.

  1. Theistic Evolutionism puts death before sin.
    1. Therefore, it eliminates Scripture such as "The wages of sin is death."
    2. This means that Jesus did not overcome death.
    3. Death is not an enemy. Theistic Evolutionism implies that death is a good thing. God used millions of deaths to create.
  2. Theistic Evolutionism and Old Earthism eliminate the world-wide flood as described in the Bible.
    1. This denial is predicted in the Bible.
    2. If the flood can be denied, then anything can be denied. It makes no sense to deny the flood, however. The flood cannot be denied or turned into something that it was not.
    3. This is a denial of the judgments of God.
  3. Theistic Evolutionism is not consistent with the created word that is spoken of in Romans 1.
    1. In other words, Evolutionism of any kind is impossible to reconcile with what can be observed using scientific method.
    2. The vast majority of the evidence in the fossil record appears to have been laid down in a matter of months or years by a world-wide catastrophic flood.
    3. The concept of Evolutionism is inconsistent with both the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.
    4. There is no compelling evidence for an old universe and much for a young universe.

Last updated: Apr, 2013

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