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Welcome to God had a purpose for creating you. He designed you for a particular place in the Body of Christ. He designed you to be totally fulfilled in that place. This is your destiny.

This is not to imply that you can in any way reach your destiny by your own way.  Only one way is possible. God's way.  You must be born again by believing in Jesus and you must commit to grow to fullness by God's process and pattern.  God's process is for us to be led by the Holy Spirit and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to bring us into God's free gift of righteousness, God thinking His thoughts, speaking His Words, and doing His Works through you, which in turn, leads to tranfiguration into holiness (Christ formed in you), and redemption (freedom from sin).  God's pattern is Christ, the Body. This is the pattern of Scripture for the Church, the pattern which has been so neglected by the Church throughout the world. 

No one has any meaning outside of Christ the Body.  Many are never even born into this Body.  Many who are born in never discern the Body of Christ nor do they want to.  The Body, however, must be built according to the pattern God has provided or else the building is in vain.  And the Body must be built by the Power of the Holy Spirit or else the building is in vain.

God's good purpose for us is to conform us, by His Spirit, into the image of Jesus Christ. Romans 8:28-29 He wants us to be transfigured--a metamorphosis 2 Corinthians 3:18

No amount of human effort could make that happen, but God has a plan. God has a method. God has a way. God has a pattern for everything and His pattern is the only way.

God's plan is a two-step process.

God will not force Himself on anyone.  So, He puts a choice before you... actually, many choices.  The making of these choices is generally quite quick, maybe a split second. Each choice comes down to this, "Will you turn your will toward the leading of God or the desires of your sinful flesh."  When your flesh pulls you toward your own desires, paradigms, worldview, opinions, and habits, the Holy Spirit is right there leading you into righteousness.  He gives you a vision of the holy person that you were created to be and how you fit into the Body of Christ as a particular member. The righteousness that God leads you into is the righteousness that God does through you.  You can't really help Him do His righteousness through you, but you can stop Him by turning your will toward your fleshly nature, your corrupted mind.  You can't really help Him do His righteousness through you, but you can "offer the parts of your body to Him as instruments of righteousness."  Romans 6:13 See, righteousness is a free gift from God.  God does any righteousness that is done, and He works through His people.  In other words, there is none good but God.  If you have faith in Jesus, then Jesus is in your heart.  The Holy Spirit is flowing through you.  If you ever do any truly good work, then it is grace, the Holy Spirit, Who is actually doing the work.  It is not your flesh. It is the ministry, Christ in you, doing the work. It is not your sinful nature.

So many people think that the Old Testament is about obeying the rules, but it is not.  It is about loving God and God loving every man, woman, and child.  In the relationship between God and man, it is very important to understand the difference between obeying a rule and obeying God.  Love toward God is expressed in submission to the Spirit of God.  When you submit and surrender to the Spirit of God, the Spirit of God flows through you and it is by the Power of the Holy Spirit that you obey God.  Actually, He obeys through you.  All you do is allow Him to do it.  It is because you have a relationship with God and receive direction from God that you are able to receive His free gift of faith.  God's faith gives you access to God's grace.  Then God does His work through you.  Another way of saying this is, "The love of God is shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost."  As this happens, you have an increasingly closer relationship with God, and God does more work through you, and you are transfigured from glory to glory, little by little.  At the same time, and as a part of this process, you begin to be assembled, as God is assembling a wonderful organism known as the Body of Christ, the Church.  You are assembled into your particular ministry or place of service in the Body of Christ.  And the Body of Christ is the very mechanism that brings you into your fulfillment in Christ.  The Holy Spirit always leads you to do this according to the pattern that He has written in Scripture.

When you reject the leading of Christ, you follow your fleshly ways instead.  Then, you begin to lose your closeness with Christ.  You do this because you have loved a lie rather than the truth.  Every sin is of this nature.  You can begin to walk right out of the presence of God, step by step.  In fact, your own mind is so wicked that it will convince you that you are doing the right thing if you turn your will toward your own understanding.  This negative process is the only reason that there are divisions in the Church.  People have followed their own ways rather than God's ways.

God's process and and His pattern are both simple. The fleshly nature, with all its lies, is what makes them seem complex.

Last updated: Apr, 2017
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