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2 Samuel

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 2 Samuel 
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2 Samuel

The revelation that God has given to the apostles, the testimony of the Holy Spirit through Scripture itself, the testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of every follower of Christ, rational (sane) thought, scientific method, and any other measure other than the creative rationalizations (insane stories) of the skeptics, all confirm the historical, material, and spiritual accuracy of every part of Scripture from the very beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.

Samuel, a judge of Israel.

1. David mourns Saul's and Jonathan's deaths

2. David anointed King over Judah--David wins a battle with the house of Saul/Ishbosheth

3. battle between the house of Saul/Ishbosheth and the house of David continues--David grows stronger while Saul grows weaker--Abner joins David--Joab murders Abner--David mourns Abner

4. Ishbosheth murdered--David commands that the murderers be put to death

5. David anointed king over Israel--David takes Jerusalem--Tyre--David's concubines, wives, and offspring--war with the Philistines

6. human ideas rather than God's pattern when carrying the Ark of the Covenant results in death--they follow the pattern for carrying the Ark--David dances in the Spirit before the Ark--David's wife speaks disdainfully about David's dancing and is set aside so she never has a child

7. David makes plans for building a temple--God forbids David from building it--God promises a permanent house--David's prayer and praise

8. David defeats the Philistines, the Moabites, Zobah and Syria and receives gold and brass--David rules righteously

9. Mephibosheth, son of Jonathon, son of Saul

10. David tries to honor Ammon, but they mistrusted and shamed David's men--Children of Ammon hire thousands of fighting men--Ammon defeated--Syria defeated

11. David and Bathsheba commit adultery and she becomes pregnant--David tries to cover, finally resorting to murder--David marries Bathsheba but the Lord is displeased

12. Nathan the prophet confronts David and declares the punishment: continual wars, someone from David's own household to commit adultery with David's wives publicly--David repents--Nathan tells David that the child of adultery will die--though David prays and weeps, the child dies--more wars

13. David's son Amnon rapes Tamar, Absalom's sister (Absalom is David's son by a different wife)--Absalom murders Amnon for vengeance and then flees

14. Joab gets the woman from Tekoa to convince David to bring Absalom back--David command Joab to bring Absalom back but would not see Absalom--Absalom finally sees his father, David

15. Absalom conspires to take the kingdom, gaining followers by telling them what they want to hear--David flees

16. Ziba, Mephibosheth's servant, lies to David--Shimei curses David--Absalom takes over Jerusalem and commits adultery with David's wives and concubines on the advice of Ahithophel (Bathsheba's grandfather)

17. Hushai makes a plan to join Absalom and give him bad advice and to act as a spy--Hushai gets vital information to David--Absalom takes Hushai's counsel over that of Ahithophel and Ahithophel kills himself

18. Absalom gets caught by the hair in a tree and Joab kills him--David mourns Absalom

19. Joab tells David to stop mourning--David restored as king--Mephibosheth comes to meet David and tell of Ziba's deception--Barzillai--harsh words between Israel and Judah

20. Sheba revolts--Joab kills Amasa--Joab pursues Sheba to a walled city; a wise woman negotiates with Joab and only Sheba is killed

21. Famine for 3 years--Gibeonites are given seven descendants of Saul to hang for the acts of Saul that violated the covenant between Israel and Gibeon--war with the Philistines

22. David's song of thanks for deliverance

23. David's last words--David's mighty men

24. The Lord's anger against Israel resulted in David numbering Israel and Judah--God gives David three choices as to which punishment is given for numbering the people--God sends a pestilence--David builds an alter and the pestilence stops

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 2 Samuel 
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