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Advice to Students


In most schools, Christian students are in a hostile environment.  They are being taught many things that are good mixed with many things that are just plain false.  The lies they hear are not always easy to detect.  Even when students sense that something isn’t true, they may have trouble understanding why it isn’t true.  Secularism has come into power in the schools.  Secularism is a religion that claims not to be a religion except when they want the benefits of tax-exempt status.  Even Christian teachers are often forced to teach Secularist ideas as if they were fact.

Don't let Satan turn the discussion into a contest.  Contests have winners and losers and no one likes to be a loser.  Discuss without turning the other person into a loser or turning yourself into the winner.

Secularists love to debate against Christ and they try to frame the debate irrationally

“If I can do either of the following, I have disproven Christianity and have proven the basic doctrines of Secularism (Atheism).  So, if I can prove that ANY PART of the molecules-to-man evolution story OR old-Earth geology OR Big Bang cosmology is possible, then I have proved ALL of molecules-to-man evolution AND ALL of old-Earth geology AND ALL of Big Bang cosmology.” 

 “The other way that I can prove all the basic doctrines of Atheism is to ask you a question that you don't know the answer to.  If I can ask you a question and you don't know the answer, you being a Christian, by not being all-knowing, have proved all the doctrines of Atheism.”

 Now, both of these claims are obviously foolish, but Secularists will imply this as if it made sense.  In universities throughout the world, evolutionistic evangelists are trying to frame the conversation this way in order to convert Christians to Atheism.

Some things you don't need

The amazing thing is that the Christian youth going into the universities are so poorly prepared that the tactics of the Athiests are working.  So what should you, as a young person going to school, know that would keep you from being fooled?  Do you have to know everything about everything?  Do you have to know an answer to every false attack against the Bible or against Christ or against the church that ungodly people have launched over thousands of years?  Face it, after hundreds of years, every possible attack has been made and answered successfully.  Do you have to be a master of logic and debate?  Do you have to keep up with every false report of scientific breakthroughs and understand the science to such a degree that you can know why the claims are false?

Actually, you don't need to dedicate your life to knowing all of this, though it would help if you were to spend some time on sites like,, and other origins sites that are not totally blinded by the Secularist paradigm (fake reality).  These sites generally have search functions so you can find the answers to specific questions

 What do you, as a student, need?

You need to know there are tactics that do not make sense no matter how self-confident the evolutionistic evangelists are.  It doesn't make sense to say that showing that some part of the evolutionistic story is valid, say the small changes in living things from generation to generation (deceptively called micro-evolution), proves that the fabrication of molecules-to-man evolution ever happened in reality.  It doesn't make sense to say that because you can't answer a certain question that Christ is not real in you.  Such an argument, though irrational (insane), is used by the ungodly people in the schools repeatedly. 

You need to know that since it is Jesus Christ Who speaks to you through Scripture and tells you that Scripture is without error, that all of the stories that compete with Scripture are lies. 

You need to know that just putting the label, "science," on a lie does not make the lie true.  And changing the definition of science so that it must be based on a lie doesn't prove anything either.

You need to know that if you ask the ungodly liars to prove to you that molecules-to-man evolution actually happened, you will get unproven stories about how it might have happened or could have happened but the liars will not be able to prove that it happened.  You need to know that if you ask the liars to prove that the Earth and Universe are as old as they claim, you will not get proof from them but rather dating methods that are based on assumptions amounting to circular reasoning and you will get more stories.  The fact is that such a lie cannot be proven except if someone had a time machine.  You need to know that if you ask the liars for proof that Big Bang cosmology actually happened, you will not get proof that it actually happened but you will get stories and ideas about how it is possible—and those stories are quite fanciful, requiring mysterious dark matter and dark energy, which cannot be observed or detected.  These questions will often result in all types of diversions such as name-calling and ridicule, but no one will successfully answer them.

You need to know that you will get a very biased presentation at most universities.  They will filter out facts that they don't like and embellish facts that they can twist to look as if those facts support their doctrines of Atheism, Naturalism, Materialism, Uniformitarianism, Evolutionism, Moralism, and Relativism.  You will get well-tested arguments against truth, and it will not be easy to understand why those arguments are not sound.  When Christ speaks to your innermost mind and lets you know that what they are teaching has something wrong with it, listen to Christ.  If you pray about it, Christ will explain why the argument isn't sound, but He may direct you to another follower of Christ to get the answer.  He may just ask you to take His word for it for now and reveal it in the future.

You need to know that the lies of Atheism are not science but are actually scientific impossibilities.  You may need some Christian source to answer specific questions sometimes.  As you get more experience checking out the lies, you will soon realize how deceptive lies can be and how confident the ungodly people can be in telling their lies.  Spending time in the Presence of Christ will give you power for righteousness and wisdom.

You must avoid the temptation to go with the flow.  At the same time, you must avoid the temptation to get into angry debates.  Answer with gentleness and honesty.  Speak of your experiences with Christ and tell what Christ tells you.  Take the abuse with joy, knowing that you are suffering with Christ.  Christ sets all authority, even ungodly professors.  Show respect.  Answer if you must.  Some teachers are truly evolutionistic evangelists and have no problem grading you down or even trying to cause you as much trouble as they can once they know that you follow Christ.  So avoid conflict if you can, but remember that you must not deny Christ.

You need to know that all the lies are based on three foundational worldviews, Materialism, Naturalism, and Uniformitarianism.  Materialism is false the claim that the material world is all that there is--no God, no spirits, no human soul/mind, no heaven, no hell.  Naturalism is the false claim that God (or any spiritual entity) doesn't do anything.  Uniformitarianism is the false claim that the great catastrophic worldwide flood of Noah's day never happened.  None of these are based on evidence.  They are worldviews, also known as paradigms (false realities).  To a person captured by a paradigm (false reality), the false reality seems like real reality and becomes “proof” of itself.  Ungodly people are trapped in these paradigms and cannot observe anything that doesn't fit in their own paradigms.  While each person's paradigm is a false reality unique to the person, ungodly paradigms (false realities) include the paradigms of Materialism, Naturalism, and usually Uniformitarianism.

You need to know that it is possible to open up a person's thinking to go beyond that person's paradigm.  One way is to ask questions: "OK, you claim that everything that you say is based on science and logic, so show me, by science and logic, that Naturalism is real and not just a paradigm."  You may have to explain to them that a paradigm is a false reality and everyone has a false reality to deal with.  (Even Christians have limiting false realities that keep us from really entering into the fullness of Christ.)  When you ask them to prove their foundational assumption, such as Naturalism, they have nothing.  They will blow smoke: "It's self-evident."  That is a non-answer.  If it's so self-evident, then show the evidence by science and logic.  And if science and logic are the best ways to know anything, then show, by science and logic, that science and logic are the best ways to know anything.  They can't do that either.  The best minds have tried and failed.  All they can do is blow smoke.

Another way to open up the person's thinking to go beyond that person's false reality is to ask them to just imagine real reality.  You can say, "Just imagine for a moment that . . ." or you can say, "Just supposing for a moment that . . ."  Then you paint Christ's heavenly vision for them.  See Example

You need to know Jesus Christ in a very real way, in a way that results in Him leading you moment by moment.  Jesus said, "My sheep hear My Voice."  This is how we can know whether or not we are His sheep.  Whoever seeks Him finds Him.  So, if you don't have this moment-to-moment leading, you can receive it simply by seeking Him, that is, asking Him for it and being aware of His leading and following it.  One warning: when He tells you to do a certain thing or not to do a certain thing and you disobey Him, this will make it harder for you to hear His Voice.  When He lets you know that something is wrong and you do it anyway, you take a step away from Him and He is not as close to you as He was.  The good part is that obeying Him in everything will result in enhanced spiritual hearing and a closer walk with Him.

You need to know that it is essential that you speak of your experiences with Christ.  However, you should also know that Naturalists are stuck in a paradigm (false reality).  That false reality seems like real reality to them.  They have probably never questioned Naturalism.  It is their "reality," even though it is a lie.  They are totally blinded by it.  When you tell them of your experiences with Christ, how Christ warned you of danger and you were spared or how Christ spoke to you through your mom or another Christian, you have told them something that doesn't fit into their false reality.  They must deny it.  They can't help themselves.  They will say, "There is a natural explanation for that."  They may tell you that you are crazy.  When someone is living in the bubble of a false reality, anything that doesn't fit that false reality seems unreal and crazy.  Yet, you will have an effect on them if you speak by the power of the Holy Spirit.  It would be unhelpful to make up experiences that you haven't had.  Speak of your real experiences of the real experiences of your Christian brothers and sisters.  However, when you speak of your real experiences, you will clash with lying paradigms (false realities). If you tell them that God revealed something to you, they will re-frame that to fit their false reality and may say something like, "That is simply your opinion and it is not really a revelation from God."

You need to know that any compromises you make in your morality will destroy your ability to help anyone.  They will see you as a hypocrite.  They will push you to compromise.  And when you do compromise, they will laugh at you.  And you need to know that living a double life will also destroy your own faith.  This is how most Atheists who used to be Christians became Atheists.





Last updated: May, 2013
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