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Aliens Have A Consistent Message:


Aliens have a consistent message and that message is as follows:

  • that the aliens are our creators.
  • that aliens are gods.
  • that man is also an evolving god
  • that mankind can become their own god.
  • that a person is ignorant until they realize that they have god within themselves.
  • that each and every person will know that he is god.
  • that man can evolve into Christhood.
  • that mankind's main problem is that they are ignorant of their god-like divinity.
  • that Jesus was not God
  • that Jesus was not the Son of God.
  • that Jesus was half human, half Extra Terrestrial.
  • that Jesus is an ascended master of the New Age movement.
  • that Jesus was not God in the flesh.
  • that Jesus did not die on the cross for the sins of mankind.
  • that Jesus used his alien technology to regenerate his body and was taken by a U.F.O. into a mother ship.
  • doctrines that seek to discredit Jesus and turn people from Jesus to destruction.
  • messages that reject almost every biblical truth about Jesus Christ.
  • that Jesus does not forgive sins.
  • that Jesus is not the only way of salvation.
  • that Jesus is not the way, the truth, and the life
  • that Jesus didn't say, "no man cometh to the Father, but by me" (John 14:6).
  • that Christians are "evil dark forces."
  • that sin does not exist.
  • that sin and evil are out-dated beliefs that no longer exist.
  • that it's OK if the aliens lie to humans as long as it helps them.
  • that the best prophet is a false prophet, for he seeks to help people to transmute negativity and avert the consequences of fear and destruction
  • that Biblical doctrine is false.
  • that all the biblical promises are false.
  • that the promises to the born again believer are false.
  • that a New Age Gospel is what is important
  • the Eastern religion doctrines of reincarnation and karma.
  • that after we die we punish ourselves.
  • that they will assist in the "quantum leap" in human evolution.
  • that Jesus will come in an alien beam ship.
  • that Mother Earth is in Labor.
  • that Mother Earth is a living organism that is bringing in a cleansing or evolutionary "paradigm shift" to bring in the New Age.(Have you noticed how that even the weather reports talk about Mother Earth now?)
  • that God will not judge sin.
  • that Christians will be removed because of their outdated beliefs.
  • that Christians will be taken away by UFOs to be re-educated.
  • that there are no such things as heaven and hell.
  • the New Age doctrine of Humanism.
  • that Mankind's hope lies in human works rather than in God's divine grace.
  • that all roads lead to God.
  • that it does not matter what a person puts their "faith" in.  This mistake begins with the erroneous belief that faith is something that a person generates and sort of directs.  True faith comes from God.  It is God's faith.
  • that any way will lead them to God or what they call god.
  • that each person decides for themselves what is truth and this way is good enough.
  • reincarnation.
  • moral relativism - everyone has their own truth.
  • pantheism.
  • a One World Government.
  • a One World Religion.
  • Occult healings.
  • gospel of the New Age Movement
  • a denial of Christianity.
  • encouragement to participate in occult practices such as channeling or mediumship, automatic writing, clairvoyance, mental telepathy, out-of-body experiences, and other New Age related activities.
  • so-called aliens (really, demons) seek to foretell the future by a power that is not from God.
  • that aliens are here to help humanity-they are our saviors.
  • that all religions are leading down the same path.
  • that all religions point to the same universal truths.
  • that aliens must exist 'out there' somewhere.Even government resources are being spent on the search.

    Christians should be merciful and kind to those who have been deceived by this cult and pray for those who have been deceived by this cult.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Aliens Have A Consistent Message:

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