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Basics Of Liberal Christianity


Basics of Liberal Christianity

Basics of Liberal-Christianity:

Note: The meaning of the word, Liberalism, was changed in the 1930s. Since that time, the meaning of the word, Liberalism, has been changed even more. If you know someone who says that they are a Liberal Christian and they don't fit the definition found on, then we are simply experiencing a confusion of terms--the person is not liberal by our definition.

Pray for our liberal brothers and sisters. Pray that they don't separate themselves completely from Jesus, the Head of the Body as many have in the past. Encourage them to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit rather than their own meandering minds.

Article: How Liberalism Happens

The more consistently a person who labels himself or herself as "a Christian" follows the tenets listed below, the more "liberal" that Christian is said to be. The more a person who is called "a Christian" fulfills the problems mentioned in Romans 1, the more liberal that Christian is said to be.

In practice, Liberalism supports:

  1. attempting to fit a walk with Christ into the secular culture--that is, to drag the world into the Church and pretend that it is part of the Church.
  2. exaltation of the human mind over God and the Bible or equal with God and the Bible
  3. making human speculation equal with divine revelation--for example, saying the Bible was merely written by human beings or claiming (fictitious) biblical errors
  4. denying biblical authority
  5. abortion, assisted suicide and killing the weak and sick
  6. removing Christ from society and no open witnessing for Christ
  7. promiscuity/fornication/perversion and teaching these to children
  8. drugs
  9. envy/covetousness/communism/socialism--the economics of envy
  10. big totalitarian government (The government is a god and it is the church)
  11. using government, rather than the church, to help the disadvantaged and solve problems
  12. not allowing criminals and the lazy to suffer consequences
  13. not allowing hard workers to enjoy the benefits of their hard work
  14. evolutionism and other pseudo-science
  15. denouncing good as evil--promoting evil as good
  16. rebellion
  17. relativism
  18. replacing the Holy Spirit and His many benefits with emotionalism, intellectualism, or both.
  19. self-righteousness
  20. saying that all people are basically good and says that the Bible is incorrect in saying that all people are basically evil without God's salvation though Jesus Christ
  21. declaring liberty from God (and so it is sold to slavery to sin)
  22. aggression against followers of Christ and Jews
  23. aggression against personal witness of followers of Christ as commanded in the Bible
  24. desire to restrict the freedoms of followers of Christ
  25. re-definition of tolerance to mean: "It's OK to sin"
  26. intolerance of those who walk in the Spirit of Christ
  27. attempting to spread a watered-down gospel of Jesus Christ without a knowledge of the Almighty Creator God, historical creation and fall, the historical flood in which Noah and a few others were saved, and the coming judgment.

Liberalism opposes:

  1. Biblical authority
  2. Biblical revelation
  3. Biblical morality and true godliness
  4. Biblical marriage
  5. Biblical homes
  6. chastity
  7. Christianity, unless it is Christ-less
  8. national defense and law enforcement
  9. free enterprise

Basic Tenets of Biblical Christianity:

The carnal mind is opposed to God. It hates God. That is the exact reason that some people claim to not believe in God. They are willingly ignorant and refuse to acknowledge God. They know, intuitively, that the relationship is that of submission to authority.

The true deception of the age is the illusion of freedom. There is no such thing. Freedom from God is slavery to Satan.

On the positive side, God is love. There is no love without God. There are many counterfeits to love, but if you have ever experienced true love, you have touched God. God created us to be constantly filled and led by His love. This is the only place of fulfillment. The rest of what we call existence is a vapor.

For those who have come to God to know God by the one method that God has provided, belief in Jesus as Savior from slavery to Satan, this is written: "The love of God has been poured out through our hearts through the Holy Spirit that hath been given to us. That's a bit different from religious forms, isn't it?

Last updated: Dec, 2011
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Basics Of Liberal Christianity

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