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Basics Of Rationalized Christianity



Rationalized Christianity stops spiritual growth.Often, these rationalizations block God's very methods for bringing us to fullness.

Christians who refuse to go on with God to higher heights and deeper depths, do so because they don't want the God of Love ruling them. They don't want the power of God's Love being the only motivating empowerment in their lives.

They want to keep some of the self-glorification and self-gratification of their own flesh, their human mind, spirit, and emotion, to at least partially rule over them and be at least part of the power in their life. For this reason they are willing to go through unbelievable mental gymnastics and speak of their loopy logic, calling it "science" or else speak of it as "revelation," when it is neither science nor revelation.

They seek to denigrate anyone who will not bow down to their false "science" or their false "revelation." There is real science and false science. There is real revelation and false revelation. Being unable to deal with a greater measure of the reality of the loving God, they may even seek to find a naturalistic/materialistic explanation for miracles of God.

Rationalized speculation is used as a deceiving and bogus method of twisting truth.Some obvious examples: evolution, global warming, deconstructionist history, materialism, Naturalism, and false claims of supposed errors in the Bible. Rationalized speculation is the reason for all the various differences in theology among Christians.

Some people actually believe that the human mind can, of itself, produce miraculous revelations of truth by the use of rationalized supposition.


Many a theologian or religious guru creates the illusion of validity for a kind of thinking that is, after all, nothing more than deceiving and bogus rationalized speculation. Just because a person declares something to be true, that does not make it true, even if the person making the declaration has many accredited degrees and even if the things that this person declares are supportive of the molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication or other anti-Christ dogmas.  Let God be true and every man a liar.

Our ability to observe and reason by logic is limited. Almighty God can do whatever He wants to do, and that includes His ability to reveal whatever He wants to whomever he wants. Revelation is very different from the speculation of fools.

More is required than the endless repeating or slogans, unproven claims, and misrepresentations. The fact is that many people do fall for the very volume of these slogans, claims, and misrepresentations coming from many sources.

Arguing with the deceivers is fruitless; they love to argue.

Speculation remains simple-minded speculation regardless of the verbiage used to try to make it sound like truth. Even if it is phrased in theological or scientific terminology, speculation is simply guessing. It is the art of making things up. In essence, it is the art of lying. Why would anyone put their trust in the lies of rationalizing theologians any more than they would they put their trust in the lies of speculative scientists or speculative historians.

Rationalized speculation comes from the same heart that is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.



Basic Tenets of Biblical Christianity:


To compare Rationalized Christianity to Biblical Christianity, go here.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Basics Of Rationalized Christianity

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