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Basics Of Self-Christianity


Self Christianity Basics

  • How to Minister to Christians who have been deceived by the self cult
  • As a Christian, you are called to lead others to righteousness. God is speaking. Are you listening?
  • As a Christian, you will suffer persecution, but the reward is beyond comparison to the temporary things that we suffer. If you suffer for doing wrong, that is nothing, but if you suffer for the fact that you live a righteous life and you don't deny Christ, that is everything. You may be called on to take a stand against the false teachings of the scoffers.
  • As a Christian, you are called to have life and have it more abundantly. Read more. Read even more.


Basics of Self-Christianity:

The Self Cult is particularly deceptive.It is cloaked in such deliciously good-sounding phrases.Can a Christian fall for this cult?Yes. It even works its way into Churches, robbing them of spiritual power that is their inheritance in Christ.

Yet, the Bible tells us that we must die to self and live to God.It is true that the Self Cult, in addition to being followed in may anti-Christ organizations, is also followed in many churches and Christian organizations.Some of these have even become disconnected from the Head, Christ Jesus.Is your church one of them?


Listed below are some of the theologies of the Self Cult.

Self Fulfillment

Self Esteem

Self Worth

Self Actualization

Self Improvement


Because the self cult is so deceptive, you may find it in many churches in some form of self-improvement.


In fact, one formula for building a big church is to eliminate the unpopular message of the Bible, that message that tells us that we are sinners in need of repentance.Once we get rid of that message, then all we need to do is to learn to love ourselves and learn about our own human potential.Of course, the pastor of such a church will be responsible for the souls of all the people who have been deceived by the pastor's false "gospel."



Basic Tenets of Biblical Christianity:

To compare Self-Christianity to Biblical Christianity, go here.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Basics Of Self-Christianity

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