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Comment: Reader Claims There Is No Difference Between Islam and Christianity



I hope you all burn in hell you close minded [deleted expletive], and ANOTHER THING thing just because a religion isn't the same as yours don't go bashing it down you [deleted expletive] [deleted expletive] and just because your saying. "Oh blah blah blah it's not meant to blah blah." What the [deleted expletive] ever.  
The only difference between christianity and [deleted expletive] [deleted expletive] that muslims don't believe that jesus was the son of god, however they do recognize him as a prophet you [deleted expletive] [deleted expletive]. Haha I find it funny how you can just believe that jesus was the son of god without even ever meeting, where the [deleted expletive] is your hard evidence? I assume you went back in time personally, huh? You wanna know what I believe? I believe that religion is stupid because it is the cause of most wars and arguments and your religion isn't based of by fact, for all you know "jesus" and his parents could have been delusional and beliving he was the son of god LOLOL YOU GUYS ARE SOON [deleted expletive] FUNNY pardon my french, just wanted to explain how idiotic you were. haha cult you're hilarious


You seem to be angry and upset.

I suppose that, if you were correct in saying that there were no difference between Christianity and Islam, then all the Muslims would all join Christian churches and close down all the mosques. Of course, if it were Christians who were saying that there is no difference between Christianity and Islam, then those Christians might just as well quit being Christains. They already are not Christians and it would certainly clean up the Church by getting the hypocrites out of it.  
You are right about religion. It causes problems--if we define religion as "humans trying to find the answers to life." Humans can never do it. They always seem to try to create and obey a set of rules. They get angry and upset. They get abusive. They start wars and start killing each other.  
Everyone has a religion. Atheism is the religion that has killed the most people. Atheists tend to be unhappy, unsatisfied, angry people. (Read more about Atheism here) When the Christians walked away from God, then they got into a religion and became violent. However, much of what is taught in the Secularist schools is distorted. You must keep in mind that Secularism is an anti-Christian, anti-God religion. And, you already mentioned that the Muslims are violent, but so are the Hindus and Buddhists (Google Buddhist violence history or Hindus violence history for more information). The Buddhists and Hindus also have tapped into the power of Satan and their gurus can sometimes exercise great demonic power. Beware! The followers of Jesus are very different from every other thing that is called a religion. Those who are truly following Jesus are having a real ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. Notice that I am making a difference between those who call themselves "Christian" and those who are following the Lord, Jesus Christ. You see, the Spirit of God, that is, Love, is flowing through them. Those who are following Christ look to God for their words and actions. God does His works through them and says His words through them. They have a sinful flesh, but they are not that human sinful flesh. They are the Spiritual Man, the Christ Who lives within them. The work that a follower of Christ does is to believe God rather than believing their own sinful nature, rather than believing the many voices of Babylon that try to persuade in this age, and rather than believing the messengers of Satan. Their work is to enter into the rest of God, resting from their own works and allowing God to do His work through them. This is the free gift of righteousness of which the Bible speaks. This righteousness is in the moment. It goes moment to moment, but it leads to holiness if we continue to submit ourselves to the free gift (grace) of righteousness of God. For many Christians, this may seem foreign. They have never really heard the good news (gospel) of the Kingdom.  
The only way to get away from the human tendency toward religion is to have enough humility to be able to accept reality. Reality is in a relationship. Every person who actually does follow Christ has a real relationship with Jesus Christ right now in real time. Each person who truly wants to be released from slavery to Satan and released from slavery to his or her own mind and who believes that Jesus can truly provide this freedom is instantly born again into the family of God. For these who have had this experience, we know that we have been changed by the creator. He puts love into our hearts for every person--even those who hate us. The Spirit of God is suddenly joined to our human spirits in a wonderful way. A portion of the believer's mind is also converted into the mind of Christ. However, there is a continuing work that is necessary for the completion of what God intends. Rather than write about it, here is a web page you can read. (read more here)  

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Comment: Reader Claims There Is No Difference Between Islam and Christianity

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