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Comment: Sweeping Generalizations About Islam?



[Irrelevant ad hominem attack is deleted] First off you need to do some research on other religions before you can start to talk about them and criticize them. Second, making sweeping generalizations about anything and everything is what leads to the most idiotic of conversations, such as the one above. If you are truly interested in learning, I recommend doing some research instead of blurting out a whole bunch of nothing. Otherwise, stick to your own beliefs and don't try to "enlighten" other people, when you yourself haven't seen enlightenment.  


First, let me say that this site is written to Christians, as is most of the Bible. People could come to be born again through a website, I suppose, but that is not the intent of this site. This page is a warning to Christians--not to anyone other than Christians. For example, the was a man who married a Muslim and converted to Islam and said, " There is no difference between Christianity and Islam." Perhaps that man was never born again in the first place, in which case he did not convert but merely became a Muslim.  

I apologize if there are "sweeping generalizations about anything and everything is what leads to the most idiotic of conversations" on this page as you assert. Had you included your email, perhaps we could have found out what you consider to be a sweeping generalization. The information that I have is from researching materials such as "The Kingdom of Cults." I have made mistakes in the past, and am open to correction if there is something specific that you would like me to check out. Perhaps some statement is incorrect or could be stated more clearly. Let me know. It might help if you say why you are convinced of your position. If there is an error on this page or any other page in this site, I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide in correcting it. Not that I will take the word of an anonymous person through the email, but I will certainly check out any information that you can give me and make changes where appropriate. You may also want to listen to this video by Lee Strobel, Deborah Caldwell, Hesham Hassaballa, Ergun Caner on The God Of Islam versus the God Of The Bible. (Go) This page deals with the differences between the teachings of Christ and the teachings and writings of Islam. (Go)

Last updated: Feb, 2013
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Comment: Sweeping Generalizations About Islam?

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