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Creation Debate: Each Man's Purpose in Debating


Each Man's Purpose in Debating

Of course, Bill Nye made no bones about the fact that this was not about what is true. Since the debate, Bill has admitted, "The fundamental idea that I hope all of us embrace is, simply put, performance counts as much or more than the specifics of the arguments in a situation like this." "I held strongly to the view that it was an opportunity to expose the well-intending Ken Ham and the support he receives from his followers as being bad for Kentucky, bad for science education, bad for the U.S., and thereby bad for humankind-I do not feel I'm exaggerating when I express it this strongly," (Bill Nye, May/June 2014 volume for The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry) It was and is about politics, in his eyes. Interestingly, Bill was not able to present one statement that made his point in a rational way. Bill Nye was making his pitch to voters, as he mentioned several times. His effort is to get voters to vote in lawmakers who will enforce the message control that is now in place and to increase the intimidation and coercion to limit what can be said or believed to the message of Atheism/Naturalism/Materialism/Uniformitarianism, which Bill Nye calls “science.” However, these are not science; they are all indefensible, arbitrary assumptions.

Ken Ham's main objective was to give the way of salvation to as many people as possible. If one child could be spared being educated into ignorance by the secular humanist school system, all the expense and work would be worth it. If one person came to Christ, it would all be worth it. His second objective was to show that there is no conflict between any scientific observation and the history that is in the Bible. One major point that Ken Ham made is that any person who comes to Christ will find Him. He also noted that Evolutionists and old-Earthers observe the same things as Creationists and young-Earthers. They have the same evidence. The only difference is the basis of analysis or interpretation of what is observed. That interpretation is either based on arbitrary assumptions or else it's based on Divine revelation.

Ken Ham made no bones about the fact that, from his point of view, this was not about proving that Creation actually happened. He stated that neither view could be proved to someone else. For Bill Nye to know absolutely that the big-bang-billions-of-years-molecules-to-man story actually happened would require that Bill would need to have lived through the billions of years and have observed them. If Bill had lived through all this time and observed that time, he would not have been able to prove that to Ken Ham or to anyone else, but Bill would know in that case if he were billions of years old. In the same way, for Ken Ham to know absolutely that the Bible is God's Word without error and that the history in the Bible is correctly written, Ken would have to have God reveal that to him directly, which God has done. However, Ken has the same problem that Bill would have had if Bill were billions of years old. Ken cannot prove this to Bill or to anyone else. However, any person can prove this to themselves. All that is required is to come to Christ in sincere humility, submission, and respect, wanting to be set free from sin and the sinful nature, and Christ will reveal Himself to any such person. They will come to know Christ. The Holy Spirit will begin to teach them. If they continue to walk with Christ in this way, learning to hear His Voice of leading and to respond in submission and obedience, then the Holy Spirit will teach them at some time (perhaps right away) that the Bible is His Word and that it is without error. No one can confirm the big-bang-billions-of-years-molecules-to-man story. Anyone can confirm the fact of Jesus Christ, the Creator God, and the authority of the Bible.

Last updated: May, 2014
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