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Democracy Worship


Sadly, many Christians worship democracy.   Some Christians think that their hope is in democracy.   They think that bringing democracy to the world will cause a fundamental change in human nature.   How foolish!  

What is called democracy in the U. S. is actually a very restricted form of democracy known as a republic.   The benefit of being so restricted has been, in the past, that it was difficult to make laws to persecute any one group of people.   Originally, it was difficult to engage in religious persecution from the Federal level of government. That has changed, however, and the U. S. continues to drift in the direction of raw democracy and even oligarchy through the courts.

Democracy is thought, by some, to be the saving grace of the Earth.   It is not.   The United States Founding Fathers were very much afraid of democracy.   They did not worship democracy by any means.   They didn't want a democratic government but rather set up a republican government.   That is, they set up a government that would have certain principles built into it.   The history regarding this has been all but obliterated by the zealots of Secularism.   The reason that Secularists are so eager to change history is that the principles upon which the U. S. was established were Christian principles.   The Founding Fathers understood the evil heart of all mankind, so they made it difficult to change the Constitution, which limited the power of the Federal Government.   That has all changed.

Many people do not realize that the U. S. S. R. was a democracy.   Democracies are not necessarily good.   If you give one vote to each person, then you will have good government as long as at least 51% vote in a good way and no one cheats in the voting process by counting votes that never really happened.   That means you need good people.   As an example, it was thought that putting in a Democracy in Iraq would lead to a better life for the people.   However, as soon as the Democracy went into effect, the Christians had to flee for their lives from Iraq because of the open persecution.

Most churches operate as either a democracy or else a monarchy.   Neither a democracy nor a monarchy is the order of Scripture.   There is specific information in the Bible that explains the Biblical order for the government of the Church. There are few who follow it, mostly because of temptation to follow that which allows for the pursuit of money, power, and prestige. God's order does not provide for these. In fact, the word, Laodicea, is a synonym for democracy.   Laodicea is the lukewarm church of the Book of Revelations.   It is the church that God would spit out of His mouth because they think they are rich, but they don't know that they are naked and blind.   There are reasons that God set up the Church in the way that He set it up.   All of this was lost during the dark ages, but it is being restored now.   There are several reasons that the order of God is so important in the Church.   One is that the Church was designed by God to be a living Body, and organism, not an organization.   Each member is called and chosen to fit into this Body is a very specific way.   The Body must be built according to the pattern or it cannot hope to function properly.  

Last updated: Jan, 2012
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