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The Occult And Demon Worship


There are three sources or spirits to which humanity looks: Human, demonic, and God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Christ). Human and demonic spirits either try to counterfeit God's Spirit or to delude people into thinking that they are superior or equal to God's Spirit.


The difference between godliness and the occult:

The difference is the source. The occult uses evil spirits in one or more of the following:

  • Knowledge
  • Power
  • Fellowship

 Can God reveal knowledge? Yes, through Christ.

Can God give power? Yes, through Christ.

Can we experience fellowship with God? Yes, through Christ.


The Occult offers a dangerous alternative, evil spirits:

  • Occult Knowledge: Divination, which is fortunetelling. omens or divination tools such as tarot cards, tea leaves, Ouija board, astrology, palmistry, scrying devices (crystal balls, mirrors, crystals, etc.). In addition, Catoptromancy, Hydromancy, Chiromancy, Iridology, Palmistry, Mirror Mantic, Cartomancy, Alectryomancy, Onirocriticism, Numerology, Psychometry, Capnomancy, Geomancy, Pyromancy, Tephromancy, Telenomancy and more. The occult methods for obtaining knowledge and terms used to describe these methods often change but the spirit and force behind these methods remains the evil spirit.
  • Power: the act of attempting to contact, manipulate or control people, spirits, animals, plants, the elements (earth, air, fire, water) through magic, sorcery, occult rituals, ceremonies, objects (amulets, talismans, charms, etc.), White Magick, Black Magick, Red Magic, Tantric (sex magic); Blue Magic, Neutral Magick, Liturgy Magic, Sympathetic Magic, Magic Mesmerism, Magnetism, Magical Hypnosis, Lycanthropy, and many more. The occult methods for obtaining and using power and terms used to describe these methods often change but the spirit and force behind these methods remains the evil spirit.
  • Fellowship: Necromency, Seances, Telekinesis, Levitation, Apports, Spiritualistic Visions, Automatic Writing, Spirit Raps, Speaking in Trances, Spirit Photography, Materializations, Table Levitation or Tilting, Ectoplasm, Trances, Seances, Mediums, Channeling, and more. The methods for obtaining occult fellowship and terms used to describe these methods often change but the spirit and force behind these methods remains the evil spirit.

Warning: Occultists seldom say that they are doing what they do by an evil spirit. They will give false information regarding the source: Space aliens, the human mind (which would be a problem in itself were that the source), spirit guides, gods, paranormal science, and many other such terms. Some will even claim to be following God. In the Bible, the true prophets spoke of the false prophets. In the New Testament, the gift of discernment of spirits is given to Christians who receive this gift for the purpose.



Thousands of occult organizations exist. It would be impossible to list them all because there are more occult organizations being formed every day

There are three sources or spirits to which humanity looks: Human, demonic, and God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit). Those who look to the demonic or human usually are comfortable with some or all of the following: materialism, Naturalism, uniformitarianism, evolutionism, abortion, religions based on human goodness, liberalism, perversion, promiscuity, sances, ouija boards, tarot cards, fortune tellers, witches, spirit guides, new age techniques, Transcendental Meditation, spiritualism. That list is not comprehensive. There are thousands of occult organizations and each occult organization has many dogmas and many techniques. Most of the techniques are simply ways of conjuring demons. Since the fall of Adam, there has not been much difference, except in power, between what proceeds from demons and what proceeds from the human mind. The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked to the point that we can't even know our own minds.

In Christ, we have the Holy Spirit available to us. We were able to believe and have the faith of Jesus only because the Holy Spirit moved on us and the Father drew us. The Bible gives us much information about the Holy Spirit and all that the Holy Spirit gives to us. The Holy Spirit is in direct opposition to those things that proceed from the carnal mind and from demons.

Of course, everyone is aware that Satanism is demon worship, but what about Transcendental Meditation? The fact is that Transcendental Meditation and what have become known as Eastern religions--too many to mention--are demon based.


There is a huge difference between the meditation of which the Bible speaks and the meditation of the Eastern religions. God has promised that anyone who seeks the Holy Spirit from Him will receive the Holy Spirit and not a serpent. God has promised that anyone who seeks the Christ will receive the Christ and not the natural mind. All who keep on seeking do find, and they find the King of Kings if that is the Person whom they are seeking. Those who blank their minds for a spiritual experience will get something else, however. They are not seeking God. They are seeking something and they don't know what it is.

The purpose of the meditation techniques of Transcendental Meditation and the exercises of Yoga are to bring about spirit possession. You don't want to go there.

There are many ways to conjure evil spirits. Meditation is one. Music is another. Drugs are associated with conjuring, and the Greek word from which we get "pharmacy" is translated as "sorcery" in Scripture. Other methods include the following: autogenics, guided imagery, hypnotism, rebirthing, and mind control. Most of these offer many false promises such as success, relaxation, health, power, youthfulness, or fun. However, spirits mean to use you, not the other way around.

Stay away from fortune tellers, psychics, ouija boards, tarot cards, meditation that involves mind blanking or looking within one's self or to spirit guides, and all things like this. If you want a real experience, you can have a real experience with Jesus. Make sure that you seek Him and keep on seeking Him. Spend time in the Bible and ask Jesus to anoint your mind with the Holy Spirit so that you can understand. Spend time in prayer. Spend time in the presence of the Lord. Practice His presence in your daily life. You can have a real experience with the real Lord. You don't need to dabble with spirits that want to kill you.


Last updated: Nov, 2011
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