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Does Science Prove That The Universe Created Itself?

Science's business is to investigate the constitution of the universe, and cannot pronounce on any concept that lies 'beyond' nature. 
Science is supposed to based on observation and measurement.  Observation and measurement can only be performed in the present.  Anything that occurred in the past is beyond nature and outside the scope of science.  Scientists are aware of this, but because of the confirmation bias of many of them, they continue to try to show evidence for a religious idea, the idea that the universe created itself, when this idea is beyond the scope of science.  As a result, they are willingly ignorant of the truth and they seek to suppress the truth, which fulfills the prophecy found in the Bible.
The scientists have been working very hard to find a way that all of creation could have been created without a creator. The Secularist scientists have come up with one theory after another only to find that somehow their theories, one by one, were disproved and shown to be impossible. Of course, Secularism says that there is no real Almighty Creator God, so, for a Secularist, believing in God does not make any sense at all. Secularists think that they are more intelligent, because believing in a God, Who cannot be seen, must be crazy--at least so they say.
So now they have a new theory of the stars and how they got there. As you read this, keep in mind that the people who believe what you are reading here are making fun of Christians who believe in God. They think that they are more intelligent than Christians who believe the Bible. What follows is a very interesting belief system of the Secularist scientists.
The Secularist scientists believe that, billions of years ago, there was a great abundance of something they call "dark matter." Dark matter is a kind of mysterious unknown stuff that cannot be detected in any way. Secular scientists know that dark matter must be flying around because all their calculations don't make any sense, so dark matter is a kind of finagle factor to make up for this lack of understanding.  Sometimes when a group of educated people make up a sort of placeholder, like dark matter, they forget that it was just a pipe dream.  Anyway, back to our story: Billions of years ago, this mysterious substance, dark matter, began to collide and fuse, forming the first stars by a mysterious process that we cannot understand. This dark matter and it's mysterious process has never been observed, of course. The miniature particles that make up the mysterious dark matter are called wimps, so the wimps created the stars and, in the process, many of the wimps were destroyed. By a mysterious process in the minds of these same scientists, they came up with the idea that the stars must have looked very different at that time. Keep in mind, once again, that these are the people who find the belief in God to be unbelievable.

Of course, the Secularist scientists point out that there is indirect evidence supporting their theory. Though there is no way to go back in time to observe the wimps creating the stars, one only has to realize that billions of these same wimps, only the ones that are left after creating the stars, are passing through our bodies all the time. They are literally everywhere, and they cannot be detected in any way. Yet they are there--these scientists are certain of it. So the fact that these wimps are passing through us by the billions, that must surely prove that they exists, though they cannot in any way be detected. I suppose the Secularists, since they have assumed that there is no Almighty Creator God, must find some sort of a story as to how all the creation came into being. For the life of me, I can't imagine anyone believing their tall tales, either this one or the evolution one.

Anyway, back to our story: these wimps are believed, by Secularists, to have changed the course of the universe, bringing it from darkness into light using a process that no one knows about. Not only that, but it created everything we see out of unknown ingredients. Keep the tax money rolling in. Keep giving the Secularists government grants, and they will "discover" all the details.

These are the kinds of things that sound as if one were being sarcastic. As long as the Secularists and Evolutionists keep coming up with these zany ideas, there is no need for sarcasm.  What makes this really weird is that these folks make fun of those who believe the Bible as it is written, even calling us names to show how silly we are for believing the Bible.
I hope this entertained you.  No.  I didn't make this up.  You can read more about this at ~ Current News:

Last updated: Apr, 2013
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