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Ecclesiastes 12:12 Everyone Has His or Her Own Opinion About Every Doctrine.


Ecclesiastes 12:12 means that everyone has his or her own opinion about every doctrine.  It goes with the proverb that says that every man's way is right in his own eyes.  The church has become part of the worldly Babylon of so many voices that no one knows who to believe.  Yet, God requires of every Christian that we know who are the true apostles and who are the false apostles.  There are false apostles who are claiming to be apostles and there are false apostles who are claiming to be intellectuals who are the ones with volumes of education that make them qualified to determine the doctrine.  They take the authority of all of the apostles combined without taking the title.  Why all the apostles combined?  Because no apostle has any authority to teach any doctrine other than the apostle's doctrine.  Apostle's doctrine is that doctrine that is established because it has been revealed to every apostle, not the majority and especially not a lone maverick.  There are no mavericks.  Yet, there are some people with no authority who are taking a place of authority.  It has always been so.  Each one is writing a book or making a movie or something.  And the money flows.

About forty-five years ago, the author of this page went through a miraculous series of experiences that led him to the move of the Spirit that had begun in 1948.  Several things had been restored, including the office of the apostle to bring unity and order to the church of the living God.  The author submitted to this pattern and leadership according to the Scriptural pattern instead of the precept-of-man government of the denomination that he had been in.  So, he doesn't run after every book that comes along.  Sometimes, you may find an article or web page that is referenced at, but only when it does not violate the Biblical mandate: "teach no other doctrine."

Someone wrote: "Shouldn't you be side by side with the apostles?  Acts 1:8 says But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you; and ye shall be witnesses to me...  According to this scripture we should be relying on the Holy Spirit and if you're really into His word you should be digging Proverbs 27:17."

The Scripture this writer chose does NOT say that we should each find our own revelation.  Granted, God must reveal to each person what He has revealed to the apostles, but the order of apostles receiving the revelation is throughout the New Testament.  And no Scripture is of any private interpretation.  The order that shows that revelation comes through the apostles is God's answer to the problem.

Now, many false apostles have risen up, and they are making much confusion.  The current move of the Spirit was first accepted by many of the "big name" Christian leaders.  Then, it was rejected when they found out about submission, order, no money, no power, and no prestige.

I have put myself under that leadership that I believe that God set according to the pattern of Scripture.  My brother in Christ said that we are each to seek God on our own and find our own version of the "truth."  This is not God's method for receiving revelation, and I wouldn't use this independent method for receiving revelation any more than I would try to be born again by some system that I created myself.

Last updated: Dec, 2011
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Ecclesiastes 12:12 Everyone Has His or Her Own Opinion About Every Doctrine.



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