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Effective Witnessing Videos


Watch these videos:

    • Bill Jack is an exciting and energetic speaker, and he brings many good methods, and this video is worth watching repeatedly. One thing that you should look out for though: The Bible is not the foundation. It is Christ Who speaks to us through the Bible Who is our foundation.
    • Dr. Jason Lyle presents an excellent method for witness to Christ. There are four videos in this set, and they should be watched repeatedly. The only thing that should be changed on this video is the claim that everything must be based on presuppositions. To suppose is to make something up from speculation that does not have any proof. A supposition is an unsupported statement with no foundation. A presupposition is an unsupported statement that is said ahead of time and accepted as true for no reason. That is not our basis. Our faith is based on Jesus. There is a huge difference between knowing that God exists and knowing God. We can know that God exists by circular reasoning or we can know God as He is. We meet with Him. He speaks to us. God is real. Christ is real. Christ is not a presupposition. The Bible can be the dead letter or Christ can speak to us through it. "The letter killeth" 2 Corinthians 3:6
    • Excellent. Fossils will sing any song you want to hear. Does not quite state that our faith is based in the the real, living, speaking Christ. Man does not live by bread alone but by every word [literally, utterance] that proceeds from the mouth of the Father. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word [utterance] of God. We don't depend on presuppositions. The ungodly people need to depend on things that they make up from the air.
    • Mike Riddle gives an excellent presentation of why the Bible's account of creation is real. Mike gives the true foundation, a real relationship with Jesus Christ. He only mentions it in passing and only in the third video, but it is there. Having a good offense and a good defence.
    • Ken Ham does excellent work in connecting the Bible to science. He says that the Bible claims to be a history of what happened in the past and claims to be a revelation from God. He could go further and tell us that God wrote the Bible through various men over a long period of time. He could go on to tell us that God speaks to us through the Bible and through the creation. He could tell us that science is simply observing the creation and either God or else Satan speak to us as we look at the Bible or creation. We need a real and personal relationship with Christ.

 (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

FREE on-line BOOK (a classic): The Real Faith, by Charles S. Price

FREE on-line BOOK (a classic): The Meaning Of Faith, by Charles S. Price

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