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Evolution is Flim-flam


This page is provided to answer a specific question, but don't get tied up in detail and forget where you are going. You get past the questions/attacks so you can proclaim the Gospel. It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel. If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.

Science has merit. Scientists usually do a good job. However, Evolutionism is not science. Clarification: there is a term, "historical science." The problem is that most people use the word, "science," as if it had the same meaning regardless of context. Google "the science of" and see what you get. Evolution is based on a collection of myths, made up stories. It is not based on real science. Yet, evolutionist try to label the what God reveals through the Bible as if it were a myth. The fact is that evolutionism is a myth and it is based on many other myths. Evolutionists can't even answer these few questions linked here. Any one of those questions being unanswered is proof that evolution is merely a series of cleverly designed fables.

Many scientists have been taught erroneously that Evolutionism is science when it is a proposed story about history, but if they would give it a moment's thought, they would realize that Evolutionism could not possibly be science. It is impossible to test the story without using a time machine. And how would you repeat the test by various teams of scientists? Evolutionists look at data that was derived by scientific method. That, in itself, does not convert Evolutionism into science. Evidence for Evolutionism is lacking, in genetics, palaeontology, sedimentology, dating techniques, geology, biology, and all sciences. Yet Evolutionists declare that all of these sciences not only support Evolutionism but even prove it. This is plainly untrue.

Most scientists are so brainwashed that they would become emotional about that statement, and they could not possibly think objectively about this. Others are open minded, but they may be coerced into professing belief in Evolutionism. They are closet creationists who are afraid of the obvious retribution for heresy against Darwin. The Evolutionistic elite have the power to take away funding and to get people fired from their jobs, so most scientists would be afraid to admit that they are Christians or that they believe in the Creator. Evolutionism is holding on to power by intimidation, fascism, dirty tricks, and deception. The ungodly have an amazingly strong desire to try to eliminate God--as if denial of God would help eliminate the ultimate judgment.

Open minded skeptics change their minds when they are actually able to investigate the facts.  Dishonest Atheists and people who are closed-minded don't what their presuppositions to be challenged.

Evolution is fraud

Fraud is being committed repeatedly by the evolutionists. Evolutionists even continue to use many of the frauds of the past, knowing that they are obvious frauds that have already been debunked. They continue to present stories that are very questionable as if it were fact. They speak about natural selection as though it has a mind and develops designs and executes development of those plans. That is just insane.  When these questionable "facts," are exposed and shown to be false, evolutionists will tend to continue to use them. Sometimes, they will try to justify this with strange "logic" similar to the logic of Dan Rather and the ungodly press: "Well, all my proof has been shown to be dishonest and fraudulent, but what I asserted is still true."  The prominent Atheistic evangelist, Richard Dawkins, stated that Evolution needs no evidence--it is simply true.  Some of the evolutionists have admitted that these frauds and lies are intentional and they try to rationalize various defenses of the deceptive methods and practices. Of course, once the Bible is taken out of the picture, by what standard would it be wrong to lie?




Evolution is not reasonable

This battle is not about someone else's ideas versus our ideas. We need to decide what is a valid thought. This is really the basis of the difference between the two arguments. What authority will govern how we interpret facts. Evolutionists try to say that they are neutral, but they obviously are not. All science and knowledge operates in terms of the world-views and paradigms of the scientists. In other words, there is a religion behind all science, whether that religion is serves the true God, humanity as gods, or some other god. Most evolutionists are working from a basis of a religion such as Secular Humanism or Agnosticism or Atheism or some kind of make-believe Christianity (which is simply a cloak to hide ungodliness).

Scientists who are convinced that the evidence points to Creation by Almighty God on the one side and evolutionists on the other side are looking at the same observations. But they are coming up with different conclusions. Evolutionists assume no God, no flood, no miracles, no spirits, no creation, rejecting all observation that conflicts with these assumptions. Creationists presuppose God, the worldwide flood, miracles, spirits, and creation. Regardless of the presuppositions, the evidence points to the God of the Bible. Those who ignore the overwhelming evidence are without excuse.

Romans 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has showed it to them. 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: You see? You know because God has showed it to you and to all of us.


In coming to conclusions from the data, something must be added to the data. The thing that is added to the data is either divine revelation or else it is human rationalization. Evolutionists tend to believe in human revelatory powers--rationalization--while creationists tend to believe that God has the ability to reveal, especially through the Bible. Both these tendencies to believe in miraculous revelation have been tested and it can readily be seen that the creationists are correct and the evolutionists are wrong.

The human mind does not have any ability to reveal. And the Bible continues to stand against all attacks. In addition, what can be observed confirms that the Bible is right. The assumptions of Humanism, Atheism, Agnoticism, and imitation Christianity do not line up with what can be observed.

Evolution Is Not Even a Theory

Evolution is not even a theory as the word, theory, is defined by evolutionists. A theory, to an evolutionist, is defined as something that has been proved. There is not a shred of proof for the fairy tale we call "evolution."

Although evolutionists claim to have evidence for evolution, this claim always falls apart under scrutiny.

Evolutionism is increasingly becoming a series of speculative stories to explain away the scientific observations that are evidence of the biblical account of creation of the universe and all life by God.

Evolution is political

Evolutionism stays politically alive by using false claims, claims that are later proven false. By the time one false evolutionistic claim is proven to be false, the evolutionists have developed a new false claim to take its place. Looking back in the history of evolution, you can observe a history of one false claim after another. One of the newest false claims of evolutionism is the concept of junk DNA. If this web page remains in place for a little while, an evolutionist will be saying, "Oh, no one believes in junk DNA." The false claim of junk DNA is as laughable as the evolutionistic argument of vestigial organs was at the time when evolutionists were still using the "vestigial organs" argument. The so called, "pseudogenes" are part of the pseudo-science of pseudo-scientists.

How does the molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication violate what can be easily observed?

Evolutionism violates many easily observed scientifically proven principles. Evolution isn't science. Two of the most obvious of these scientific laws that evolutionism violates are the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. There are countless additional examples.

The Evolutionists will tell you a half truth about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Evolutionists will tell the half truth: "The Second Law of Thermodynamics only applies to isolated systems, so it's not relevant to evolution, because the Earth is an open system." This is a clever lie. Here is the part of the truth that they are withholding: the Second Law of Thermodynamics was derived using theoretical isolated systems, but it applies to all systems, and can only be overcome locally and temporarily in open systems when stringent conditions are met. Not only that, but we are not talking about the Earth. The Earth is just a subsystem of a much larger system called the Universe. The Universe is an isolated system. Evolutionists claim that Evolution took place in this isolated system, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that their story is a myth.

More information on the Second Law of Thermodynamics can be found here & here & here & here & here

Why Do Evolutionists Resist Reality and True Science?

The reason that evolutionists resist reality and true science is that they are either knowingly or unknowingly being influenced in one of the New Age religions, probably Humanism, Atheism, or Agnosticism, and that influence is making it impossible for them to be objective. Evolution isn't science.

There is no proof of evolution, and, in fact, there are a growing number of observations that show evolution to be a scientific impossibility. The reason that evolution-scientists are still backing the debunked hypothesis of evolution is that they have a hidden agenda which causes them to be willingly ignorant of the facts. This hidden agenda has to do with a desire to follow ungodliness. They don't want Almighty God, but they either want a god of forces, or humanity as god, or no God at all.

As a result of the effect of their hate for God, evolutionist scientists are willing to accept presuppositions, rationalized fantasies, and faulty logic as if any of these were proof. Their claimed proofs are not proof and will not hold up to any scrutinization. None of the proofs that are claimed by evolutionists are any proof at all. Evolutionists are increasingly drawn to Post Modernism and Chaos Theory. There is a reason for this. Under Post Modernism and Chaos Theory, there is no truth, there are no absolutes, there are no lies, and winning is all that really counts. As a result the evolutionist-scientists have found many ways to misrepresent the facts and have been able to totally deceive some and partially deceive many.

There Is No Compelling Evidence For Evolution

  • There is no compelling evidence for evolution. Evolution isn't science. There is no proof.
  • That's because evolution is just a wild story. It is simply a story.
  • There is no evidence that the earth is old.
  • the Fossils appear to be deposited by a worldwide flood several thousand years ago. There are many reasons that they could not have been deposited over millions of years.
  • No animal has ever been observed changing into any fundamentally different kind of animal.
  • No one has ever observed life spontaneously arising from nonliving matter.
  • Matter cannot make itself out of nothing. The First Law of Thermodynamics makes this impossible.
  • Matter cannot have always existed. The Second Law of Thermodynamics would take effect and there would be nothing but equally distributed heat energy.

But the basic problem is not that all evolutionists do not understand (though some may really be in ignorance). The real problem is that evolutionists don't want God to exist. They really know that God does exist, but they have chosen to be willingly ignorant of Him and all that He has done. They are without excuse before the Almighty Creator God.





Bible, God, theology

Biology (creation vs evolution)

Creation: relevance to Christianity, society and science

Geology, the Flood, the Ice Age and the age of the earth

  • Young Age Evidence (astronomy, botany, geology, fossils, caves, coal, glaciology, human history, oceanography)
  • Radiometric Dating (radiometric dating problems, flaws, rapid decay? radiohalos)
  • Flood (global? fish survival? Black Sea flood? flood legends).
  • Noah s Ark (size, construction, stability, feasibility, care for animals, diseases, biogeography)
  • Geology (Flood evidences, coal formation, limestone caves, rapid rocks, age of fossils?)
  • Plate Tectonics (continental drift and catastrophic plate tectonics)
  • Ice Age (post-Flood Ice Age, ice core dating, multiple Ice Ages? mammoths)


  • Archaeology (archaeology and the Bible, from the Flood to New Testament times)
  • History (including biblical chronology, genealogies, origin of deep time beliefs)
  • Scopes Trial (What is the truth?)
  • Linguistics (languages point to the Tower of Babel, animals talking?)


  • Fossils (rapid formation, missing links, living fossils, dino-birds?, whale origins, tetrapods)
  • Anthropology (human ancestry, alleged ape-men)
  • Dinosaurs (humans coexist with? evidence against millions of years, birds from dinosaurs?
  • Mammoths (how they fit with the post-Flood Ice Age)


Last updated: Aug, 2013
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