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The revelation that God has given to the apostles, the testimony of the Holy Spirit through Scripture itself, the testimony of the Holy Spirit in the heart of every follower of Christ, rational (sane) thought, scientific method, and any other measure other than the creative rationalizations (insane stories) of the skeptics, all confirm the historical, material, and spiritual accuracy of every part of Scripture from the very beginning of Genesis to the very end of Revelation.

Exodus explains God's deliverance from Egypt. After the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt, they went to Sinai and received the law. They had broken it terribly before it was ever delivered.

1. The Israelites were oppressed in Egypt

2. Moses was born and saved from the Egyptian plan to kill Israelite babies. Moses is raised by royalty in Egypt, kills an Egyptian, and flees to Midian.

3. God speaks to Moses from the burning bush.

4. God sends Moses and gives him signs. Moses returns to Egypt.

5. This is what the Lord, the God of Israel says, "Let My people go." Pharaoh will not do it but makes the Israelites work harder. God promises to deliver His people.

6. God's promise of deliverance. Family history of Moses and Aaron. Moses asks God, "Why would Pharaoh listen to me?"

7. God has Aaron act as prophet for Moses. Aaron's staff becomes a snake. The Egyptian magicians' staves became snakes. Aaron's staff/snake swallowed the other snakes. The plague of blood.

8. Plagues of frogs, gnats, and flies.

9. Plagues of pestilence, boils, and hail.

10. Plagues of locusts and darkness.

11. Plague of death of the first born announced.

12. Passover preparation. Plague of the death of the first born, but Israel is spared. Israel given permission to leave Egypt.

13. The first born to be consecrated. The journey to the Red Sea. God proceeded them as a cloud by day and a column of fire by night.

14. God causes Pharaoh to change his mind and Pharaoh's army follows them. The Israelites complain against Moses and God. The parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of the Egyptians.

15. A song of victory and praise to God.

16. The people complain about the bitter water at Marah. The healing of the water. The wells of Elim.

17. Miracle of water from the rock. The battle of Amalek.

18. Moses and Jethro. Moses appoints judges.

19. Arrival at Sinai. God's presence.

20. The Ten Commandments. The people fear God, didn't want to hear Him directly. God warns the people against idols and gives instruction about alters.

21. God sets limits and laws: slavery, personal injury, property damage,...

22.... trusts & loans, sex, sorcery, other gods, aliens, extortion, loans, cursing, reviling, consecrations, offerings,...

23.... resting the land, care for the poor, seventh day of rest, not even mentioning the name of another god, 3 pilgrim feasts per year. God's promise to wipe out their enemies. Warning not to follow their gods.

24. The people agree to do all that God has commanded. Moses goes up the mountain to God.

25. Collection for the tabernacle and the command to build the tabernacle (tent) for the Lord. The details of the ark of the covenant, the table, the lampstand,...

26.... the tent cloth, the wooden walls, the veils,...

27.... the alter, the court, the oil for the lamps,...

28.... the vestments, the ephod and breastplate, other vestments,...

29.... the rite for consecrating priests, ordination sacrifices,...

30.... the alter of incense, the census tax, the laver, the anointing oil, and the incense.

31. God chooses the artisans. The laws of Sabbath.

32. The people make a golden calf to worship. Moses comes down the mountain, calls for those who will stand with him, 3,000 die in the fight. Atonement is made.

33. God speaks. The people take off their ornaments. Moses is close to God.

34. God gives the tablets the second time. God's promise to drive out other nations. Commandments. Moses comes down the mountain with his face glowing so brightly the people were afraid to come near him. Moses puts a veil over his face after telling all that God had said.

35. Sabbath laws. Collecting materials, calling the artisans, receiving the contribution. About the artisans.

36. About the artisans. The tent cloth, the coverings, the boards,...

37.... the Ark of the Covenant, the table, the lampstand, the alter of incense,...

38.... the alter of burnt offerings, the weight of metal used,...

39.... the vestments. The presentation of the work to Moses.

40. The tabernacle erected. God's glory fills the tabernacle.

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The Entire Bible
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