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Anti-Bible Comment Claims that Exodus 21:1-11 says that the God of the Bible allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this. And don't forget where you are going. You get past the questions/attacks so you can proclaim the Gospel. It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.


"... I would recommend you read Exodus 21:1-11 where the God of the Bible allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave..."


This is the kind of weird comment that causes us to realize how really depraved the world has become and how poorly the human mind works without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. If this person were to read the Bible instead of making idiotic claims, they would see that the actual Bible, in Exodus 21:1-11 or anywhere else, does not allow slavery or selling your own daughter as a sex slave. It tells about sinful, depraved humanity that always falls short of the glory of God.

(Read the article that prompted this comment HERE)

(See the entire comment with shortened answers HERE)

To say that the Bible allows selling your own daughter as a sex slave is a complete misrepresentation. It is an open lie-one repeated on the Internet by people who hate God and hate the Bible. The word, "where," is a presupposition in the above sentence, which is presupposing a bold-faced lie. Note that these sites do not include the actual text. They tell a lie about what the text says. This commenter did the same thing. Interestingly, the commenter was angry because did not say that HIV AIDS was an example of Evolutionism and the commenter sought to shift the burden of proof to to prove that HIV AIDS does not support the molecules-to-man evolution conjecture / fabrication. In fact, if someone things HIV AIDS supports Evolutionism, that person should provide evidence to support their claim. No one has to that point. If they did, would publish it here.

The use of a presupposition in this case is at best poor logic and at worst a case of attempted deceit.

Under the law of Moses, this passage does not deal with slaves, nor does is give permission for slavery. In fact, it doesn't address that part of the issue. Slavery exists. It still exists.

There is certainly no indication in this chapter that it was permissible to sell a daughter as a sex slave.

This passage gives guidelines for slavery, because slavery was a practice in the culture at the time the law was given just as it is a practice throughout the world today. The law also gave guidelines for divorce, but Jesus clarified that and said that God gave these guidelines because of the hardness of the human heart, not because divorce was the will of God.

In addition, everything in the Old Testament has a meaning in the New Testament. Everyone who does not have the Spirit of God, that is, who has not submitted themselves as slave of Christ is slave of Satan. There are no other choices. (Read More)

One may wonder what kind of warped mind would extract such an insane interpretation from reading the actual text. The answer is that people who do such things are under the power of Satan. The human mind was designed and built to be filled with the flowing water of God's Spirit, the Spirit of Him Who is Love. It doesn't work properly without that Anointing of the Holy Ghost that flows from the Throne of God. Moment by moment, every person should be in that Flow, directed into His Divine Righteousness, and moving in submission to God.

Exodus 21:1 Now these are the judgments which thou shalt set before them.

21:2 If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing.

21:3 If he came in by himself, he shall go out by himself: if he were married, then his wife shall go out with him.

21:4 If his master have given him a wife, and she have born him sons or daughters; the wife and her children shall be her master's, and he shall go out by himself.

21:5 And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free:

21:6 Then his master shall bring him to the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or to the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul; and he shall serve him for ever.

21:7 And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do.

21:8 If she please not her master, who hath betrothed her to himself, then shall he let her be redeemed: to sell her to a strange nation he shall have no power, seeing he hath dealt deceitfully with her.

21:9 And if he have betrothed her to his son, he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters.

21:10 If he take him another wife; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish.

21:11 And if he do not these three to her, then shall she go out free without money.

One very interesting fact is that everyone in the world is, by nature, a slave of sin. They are slaves of Satan. More specifically, they are slaves of their own fleshly nature, which is slave of Satan.

Whoever is not a slave of Jesus is a slave of Satan. The relationship with Jesus is a master-slave relationship. God leads. We follow. That is the exact reason that some people claim to not believe in God. They are willingly ignorant and refuse to acknowledge God. They know, intuitively, that the relationship is that of submission to authority.

If you become a slave to Love, this is what you will be like: patient, kind, forgiving, stable in righteousness, enduring, knowing the difference between good and evil, truth and error, following God's patterns for life, and always choosing the good and the true, filled with the Spirit no matter what, and able to see God's vision of hope.

Then, you will not have pride, or be self-righteous. You will not boast, compare yourself to others, lie, covet, envy, steal, cheat, commit any sexual sin/perversion, have a disrespectful attitude toward God or any person, disobey God, or be rude, critical, demanding, irritable, unjust, resentful, or bitter.

You would never follow that which is demonic. You will not be drawn toward demonic, sensual/sexual, disorderly, disrespectful, or angry music or entertainment. If you become a slave of Jesus, which is a slave of Love, then you will hear His voice and yield to it, and the love of God will flow out through your heart by the Holy Ghost. This is a progressive experience where His voice becomes more clear over time and your ability to allow Love to flow through you and do God's work increases over time. You will see and discern the Kingdom of Heaven. You will see and discern the Body of Christ and have a deep respect and holy awe for the Christ in every member no matter how mature or immature they are in Christ. When people knowingly reject the idea of going deeper in Christ and walking in His patterns and precepts, they show that they do not want love. When people are driven toward all these things that are listed here, they show that they do not want Jesus.

The true deception of the age is the illusion of freedom. There is no such thing. Freedom from God is slavery to Satan.

On the positive side, God is love. There is no love without God. There are many counterfeits to love, but if you have ever experienced true love, you have touched God. God created us to be constantly filled and led by His love. This is the only place of fulfillment. The rest of what we call existence is a vapor.

For those who have come to God to know God by the one method that God has provided, belief in Jesus as Savior from slavery to Satan, this is written: "The love of God has been poured out through our hearts through the Holy Spirit that hath been given to us. That's a bit different from religious forms, isn't it?

You may wonder why anyone would make such strawman arguments as the ungodly make.  They make them because they have no arguments based on reality.  Ungodly people are forced to hold on tightly to some basic presuppositions.  These presuppositions are just simple-minded assumptions.  They are filters and a way to censor out any information that supports the existence of God.  They set up a web of rules to filter out God.  They will only accept those things that conform to Naturalism, materialism, and uniformitarianism.  Naturalism claims that God does nothing.  Materialism claims that there is no God or spiritual realm.  Uniformitarianism claims that there was not creation and that there was no violent worldwide flood, as the Bible and numerous other historical accounts record.  Whatever they observe that does not conform to this complex filter is censored.  The way that it is censored can take several forms.  The ungodly may boldly proclaim that, though the data appears to support God's version and refute the version of the ungodly, yet it still must be interpreted to mean just the opposite of what it does mean.  A backup method that ungodly people use is to prophecy that in the future, science will be able to explain what they see as an anomaly.  If that fails, they will hide the data, set it aside, or lie to keep the public from knowing the truth.  The data clearly demolishes the story of the ungodly and clearly supports the reality of the Creator God, His Bible, and His abiding Presence in His people.  When confronted with the obvious, a closed-minded ungodly person says, "I can't understand it."  They are willingly ignorant because they refuse to hold God in their knowledge.  The reality is that these people, for whatever reason, don't what to know the Creator.  They don't want to truly know Jesus, their Creator.


Last updated: Nov, 2013
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