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Faulty Conclusions that Affect Future Reasoning



Whenever a logical fallacy is committed, the fallacy has its roots in Agrippa's trilemma which is simply the fact that the foundation of all human thought (without Divine revelation) is one of three unhappy possibilities. These three possibilities are infinite regression, circular reasoning, or bare assertions without any evidence.


Faulty Conclusions that Affect Future Reasoning (They become part of the inner paradigm or presupposition and are not challenged again because they are thought to be part of reality.)

These faulty conclusions also tend to become part of a worldview. This worldview seems as if it is reality to the person who has it. It is, in fact, a fake reality that seems more real than real reality. Every person has one. It is a whole world within each person. The sequence is to first come to an erroneous conclusion, then presuppose the conclusion and surround it with supporting conclusions based on circular reasoning, and finally to make it part of the fake reality, the paradigm, the worldview.

  • Naturalism: occurs when it is assumed that there is no spiritual realm. This is another term from "Atheism."
  • Revenge Instead of Forgiveness: occurs when something is done with the motive of getting even. There are many reasons that this is irrational. One is the two wrongs do not make a right. Another is that justice finally belongs to God, and He will repay. Taking vengeance is a fruit of lack of trust in God. This doesn’t mean that legal systems should not be just or that there should not be punishments. It doesn’t mean that Churches or families should not have discipline. These are orders set by God, and one of their responsibilities is to maintain order and to teach order.
  • Anger and Bitterness: occurs when anger is retained or generated for any reason. Righteous anger is not human anger. It is the anger of God. Humans may be made aware of this by revelation, but there is nothing personal or irrational about it.
  • Self-righteousness: occurs when it is assumed that the self can be righteous. God has revealed that this is not the case. Part of the problem is in the definition of righteousness. One person says, “I’m righteous. I don’t kill and rape. Those are the only two rules.” Another, who can’t meet that standard, loosens it up a bit. The fact is that whatever is not of faith is sin. Faith is a supernatural belief and trust that comes with God speaks/leads/teaches, which gives access to grace to that God’s grace can to works of righteousness through people. Nothing else is righteousness ever according to God’s definition or the word.
  • Addictions: occur when satisfaction is sought in things that cannot satisfy. Only Christ can satisfy. Sin is the act of either slipping or stepping off of the Path of Christ. All sin is addictive.
  • Agnosticism: occurs when it is claimed that God cannot be known personally.
  • Agnostic Christianity: occurs when the authority of God and the ability of God to reveal Himself, His will, and His Creation is questioned.
  • At Ease Christianity: occurs when Christians assume that their purpose was to be born again and they fail to realize that there is always more to press into, at least until the manifestation of the sons of God.
  • Bibliolatry: occurs when the Bible is worshiped or trusted instead of God.
  • Atheism: occurs when it is claimed that God doesn't exist. New Atheism claims that there in no evidence that God exists.
  • Atheist Phobia: occurs when the threats and intimidation of the New Atheists are allowed to cause fear.
  • Alien and UFO Cults: occurs when a belief is held in beings from other planets. It is not that there is no evidence of so-called UFOs and Aliens. It is that the experiences that people report are fairly consistent and those reports indicate that these "aliens" are actually evil spirits.
  • Alternate Meanings of Life: occurs when false meanings of life are pursued.
  • Instantiation of the Unsuccessful: occurs when what has not worked in the past is blindly repeated. EXAMPLE Renaming Communism, which has worked nowhere, and calling it Progressive. EXAMPLE Shacking up before marriage to make sure the marriage will work. The reason that people who do this are so much more likely to divorce is partly because they don’t know what marriage is. God set up the ordinance. It is an order before God in which a man makes a life-long commitment to a woman to love her and give himself for her just as Christ did for the Church and a woman makes a life-long commitment to a man to respect him and submit her talents and ministry to his guidance as he is learning how to be guided by Christ. Sex is part of all of this, and it is reserved for marriage. When people get married without knowing what marriage is, they miss the point and can never really reach a level of fulfillment that God intended.
  • Government Solipotence: occurs when it is assumed that only the government can solve some problem. God has set the governments of the world in place. Sometimes, they fulfill their role well. Other times, they either overreach or do less than God asked them to do. Sometimes, they fail to protect the citizens and yet want to micromanage the citizens, so the under-perform while they over-reach. Sometimes, they try to do what God has given to the Church, and sometimes, the Church fails to do those same things because the Church is doing things it was never called to do.
  • The Experiential Blank Argument Fallacy: occurs when it is claimed that death is not a problem because "we" won’t be around to experience it. The problem with this claim is that it is an assertion contrary to fact. We know, by revelation, that there is a second death, and that God has a plan to save whoever will come from the second death. God's plan is this: He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the debt for us and to set us free from the sinful nature.
  • Undoability Fallacy: occurs when it is claimed that something cannot be done. This is the fallacy of universal negative. Sometimes, this is claimed based on personal failure: I failed; therefore, it can’t be done. EXAMPLE Sandra: “It is impossible for anyone to hear from God. I tried just ten minutes ago, and you know what I got? Just what I expected. Nothing! See, this proves there is no God and I can keep doing the self-serving things that I have been doing.” God is not mocked. He knows the thoughts and intents of the innermost mind/soul. All who come to Him in deep respect and persistence do find Him, so long as they are committed to doing His will and they want their sin taken away by the blood of Jesus.
  • Tooth Fairy Science: occurs when research is done on a phenomenon before establishing that the phenomenon exists. EXAMPLE The Big-Bang-Billions-of-Years-No-Flood-Molecules-to-Man story has not been established to have happened, yet it is used as a presupposition for further research.
  • Paralysis of Analysis / Procrastination: occurs when no decision is ever made because, at any point in time, not all the data is in. The other side of this fallacy is jumping in and making a bad decision. If we are to be followers of Christ, then we need to hear His Voice leading us. As Jesus said, “My sheep hear My Voice.” Moving forward without seeking God for the answer/decision is very dangerous. The paralysis of analysis fallacy is a function of fear and leaning on one’s own understanding. The companion fallacy is jumping in without any analysis of the situation. EXAMPLE Sandra: “I know that what you say is true, but I don’t think that I can make a decision for Christ right now.” Roxanne: “OK. Will you think about it though?” What if something happened and Sandra died an hour later? What is the advantage of waiting? SCRIPTURE “The slacker says, There's a lion in the road-- a lion in the public square!” Proverbs 26:13 Fear can paralyze. When God is leading, He gives peace and confidence. God leads everyone who yields to His will—who wants to do His will.
  • Sour Grapes: occurs when that which is out of reach (even if only by currently choosing something else) is depreciated or despised. EXAMPLE Question on an Answers Site: “Why do non-virgins get mad at virgins for being a virgin?” Envy is the culprit. The virgin can become a non-virgin anytime she decides, but a non-virgin has already lost it and cannot get it back. EXAMPLE Roxanne: "I want you to know that Jesus loves you, and He is willing for forgive every sin you have ever committed. The life you have now is empty and useless. With Christ, you will find meaning and value." Sandra: "I have no desire to know Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. You can't do what you want. I can. You Christians are missing out on all of the fun." Yet, Sandra is envious of Roxanne, because Sandy knows her life has no meaning or purpose. Hedonism isn't getting any satisfaction for Sandra.
  • Monism: occurs when speculation goes beyond "God is one" to talk about the nature of the Godhead, eliminating the Trinity. Often, revelation is claimed for this. However, the so-called revelation contradicts what God is saying through Scripture. There is unity in the Godhead, but the three persons are known through Scripture and through personal experience as God reveals Himself personally to every person who seeks God with sincerity and integrity.
  • Claims of Biblical Error: occurs when a claim is made that there are errors in Scripture. Those who follow Christ know by personal revelation that the Bible is God's Word, His Utterance, and that it is without error. The claims of error are based either on demonic doctrines or on human rationalization. Human rationalization is irrational thought that is dressed up to make it appear rational.
  • Rejection of Christ as Creator: occurs when Christ is not recognized as the Creator God. There are many forms that this takes, but there is always the element the denies that Christ was in the beginning as Creator of all things.
  • Rejection of Christ as God: occurs when Christ's deity is denied, though His miracles, His goodness, His ministry as a prophet, etc may be admitted.
  • Rejection of the Holy Ghost as God: occurs when the Holy Spirit is denied. This may take the form of claiming that He is not a real person or claiming that He doesn't exist at all.
  • Rejection of God: occurs when truth is suppressed through unrighteousness in order to be willingly ignorant of God.
  • Rejection of Christ as Savior: occurs when someone refuses to come to Christ when called.
  • Salvation by Works: occurs when doctrines are introduced that claim that human beings are capable of good works that they can somehow present to God for atonement.
  • Human Goodness: occurs when doctrines are introduced that claim that human beings are capable of self-generating good works. Sometimes, this may take the form of saying, "The reason I obey the laws of God is because I'm so thankful for what Christ did in dying for my sins." Of course, human righteousness is as filthy rags--not much of a gift. What God really wants is people who will listen to His leading, acknowledge His leading in submission, receive His faith for whatever God is leading them in, and yield their members as instruments of God's righteousness as God does His works through them. God doesn't need help. He just needs a lack of resistance.
  • Polygamy: occurs when a man has multiple wives (or a woman has multiple husbands).
  • Conversion by Force: occurs when threats, terrorism, or fascism is used to coerce others into belief. This is seen in Islam, Hinduism, the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, the denominational wars, Atheism, Communism, etc.
  • Impersonal God: occurs when a God is worshiped who is not personal. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age religions have a sort of god of forces.
  • Goddesses: occurs when goddesses are worshiped.
  • Exalting Human Beings: occurs when humans, saints, prophets, etc. are venerated or worshiped.
  • Lack of Purpose: occurs when it is not realized that the purpose of this life is to be transfigured into the image and likeness of Christ, to find your place in the Body of Christ and to be formed into the specific part of that Body that you were created to become.
  • Alternative Christs: occurs when alternatives to Christ are offered. An example would be Eckankar.
  • Reincarnation Doctrines: occur when it is taught that progress is made through many incarnations. "I want to come back as a ..."
  • Listening to and Repeating Mantras: occurs when a word or words are repeated over long periods of time, usually producing a trance state.
  • Failure to Seek God: occurs when self-reliance or reliance on other people or things results in a lack of reliance on God. To seek God means to inquire of Him. It means to look to Him for guidance, teaching, leading, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and problem-solving.

Last updated: Sep, 2014
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