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Four Types Of Love Are Mentioned In The Bible.


All love comes from God. There is no other source of true love.  God is love.  Love fulfills the 10 Commandments and every other pattern and ordinance of God.  Fake love is not righteousness, but real love is righteousness.  Love always starts with God's leading followed by God's faith (supernatural belief) coming, which gives access to God's grace.  God's grace then flows in, thinking God's thoughts, speaking God's words, and doing God's acts through you.  Your place is to submit to the righteousness of God and let Him do it through you.  God gets all the glory, and you get blessed.

Someone may ask, "Then what about unbelievers who love their spouses or love their children or love their friends?" Four types of love are mentioned in the Bible.

There is a Greek word, phileo, that means brotherly love. This is the kind of love that is based on common interests, common goals, or personalities that just seem to get along well.

Then, there is another Greek word, eros, for self-gratifying "love." Eros is focused on one's self and what it can get, often in terms of pleasure. It cares nothing for others because it is too busy using others and taking advantage of them--although it may impersonate affection to get what it wants. It often may even fool the person displaying eros into thinking that the eros is actually true love. This type of "love" gives many people a very warped view of sex.

The Greek word, storge, refers to the kind of love that occurs naturally between family members, which is a good gift from God. It is that powerful love that sweeps over a mother when she gives birth. It is the love between brothers and sisters. God built natural affection into every person just as He put a conscience in every person. The word, storge, is never used in the Bible, but astorgos, without natural affection, is mentioned twice. Some are so evil that they even lack natural affection for members of their own family, their parents, spouse, siblings, or children. This is not how they were created, however.

The type of love that we are most concerned with is the supernatural love. This is the love that God is. This love goes beyond natural affection. You were created to literally flow with this kind of love in mighty, flowing streams as you tap into the all-powerful Source of this love. This love is available only through Christ who reconciles us to the almighty God who created all things. The Greek word for the supernatural kind of love is agape.

Looking to God to understand love and centering on 1 Corinthians 13, we find that love is patient, kind, humble, polite, serving others, self-controlled, forgiving, good, and truth-loving. Love is not envious, boastful nor desiring recognition nor proud, rude, self-seeking nor wanting to be served, quick-tempered, unforgiving, entertained by evil, nor does love seek out a lie. This is the agape love, the love that is only available as it flows from the throne of God. And this love is related to faith, true faith.

Since love is so closely related to faith, the fact that faith has been re-defined will have a devastating effect on receiving the love that is of God. Sometimes we use the word, faith, and we really mean a Faith is a powerful gift that only God can give.">rationalized belief. Sometimes we may refer to a religious organization and call it a faith. Sometimes the word, faith, is used to refer to a doctrine. Real, genuine, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, Hebrews 11:1. Whatever is not of faith is sin, Romans 14:23. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word (literally, utterance) of God, Romans 10:17. Looking into 1 Corinthians 13 in the fourth verse, it says, "charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up." That is to say, love is humble; it doesn't brag; it has no pride. Understanding just who you are in reality has a lot to do with understanding the exact function of faith, hope, grace, and love. By the way, humility does not imply that you must beat yourself up and think of yourself as something less than God thinks of you.

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