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Does geology really show convincing evidence for a world-wide flood?


There is evidence of a restructuring of the planet on a scale and in a way that would be consistent with a world-wide flood. The types of restructuring that is evident is difficult to interpret in any other way other than that there was a world-wide, catastrophic flood followed by a shifting of the earth's surface in which the ocean areas went down and the continents and mountains went up.

"The fact is that virtually every geological formation shows by its fossils and by its very structure that it must have been deposited very rapidly--indeed catastrophically. Although individual formations in a vertical column may be separated from each other by one or more time gaps, there are no worldwide time gaps. That fact can only be explained by a worldwide cataclysm, primarily hydraulic in nature."  Dr. Henry Morris

Kata Tjuta, once called The Olgas, shows the obvious effects of rapidly formed deposits of great boulders by lots of water over a short period of time.  Yet, old-earthers, ignoring the facts, say that these giant boulders were deposited by a little water over a long period of time.

"Now here is a key point. When the time scale is very long and the events are rare, we cannot test our models against observations. If it's not happening we can't observe it. And we cannot travel back in time to see what happened in the past... In all these cases, we can only base our models on what we believe happened in the past, and not on observed geologic events. In other words, for all these sorts of geologic problems, we need to know its history so we can understand what is going on... how do those who don't accept biblical history proceed? Without an eyewitness account they need to invent their own history."

"So we have two geological approaches to obtaining earth history--the essential component of many geological models. We can assume the biblical account is accurate or we can assume geological processes continued unchanged for millions of years. But if the Bible is accurate and geologists don't start with the Bible, they won't get the right answer."

It is very difficult to look at the data objectively.  Why?  Because of the way that the data is presented.  The presentation of the data skews in to a very subjective interpretation rather than being presented objectively.  "Virtually all geological data is presented in an evolutionary framework incorporating concepts of millions of years."

"From a geological point of view, therefore, the history of the earth as recorded in the Bible can be divided into four parts which we refer to as the Creation event, the Lost-World era (pre-flood era), the Flood event, and the New-World era (post-flood era). The term "Lost-World era" refers to the time between the Creation and Flood events. It avoids ambiguity because the term "pre-flood" includes the Creation event"

"The basis of a geologic model is a clearly defined history of the earth. Naturally any such history must be an assumed history because no one alive today was present to observe what took place.

Because we believe the Bible is true, we assume that its plain reading gives an accurate understanding of Earth history. Biblical chronology is used as the basis for geological investigation"

Tas Walker has developed a geological model that is in harmony with what can be observed and the account in the Bible.  

Last updated: Feb, 2013
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