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How Emotion Fits Into The Picture


How Emotion Fits Into the Picture  

The only reason emotion has to be addressed here is that some have erroneously equated emotionalism with the moving of the Holy Spirit. There is not any spiritual power in emotion. Emotion is not the Spirit of the Living God as some have seemed to think. Emotion may be the reaction of the flesh to the abiding presence of God, or to some other stimulus. We may feel emotion under the anointing, and we may even react in an inappropriate way as a result of that emotion, but Educated into ignorance.the emotion is not the anointing. Lack of emotion does not indicate a lack of the anointing. The Holy Spirit is not human emotion and human emotion is not the Holy Spirit.

Some, after enjoying a genuine Anointing from God, have lost that Anointing due to disobedience, neglect, or some other sin. Realizing their loss, and unwilling to repent, they have sought out a substitute for the Anointing. Often, we see rock music, overly loud music, shouting, or other methods used to simulate the Holy Spirit. These may give some gratification for the flesh, but the spirit is left empty. (The flesh is that part of the soul/mind that is still in bondage to the body.)  

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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