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How Can We Know Anything About God?


This is an actual email response to the following question:


"I'll assume that the from the existence of our universe, I can imply the existence of a creator. So, there is a God. How then, can we know anything about him?"


That is a good question. And it is a question that is a major theme throughout the Old and New testaments. However, I think I covered that question when I wrote:

"I have found that revelation is from one point of awakening to the next, an unfolding revelation. In fact, God reveals much about Himself through science, which is also unfolding revelation. That is to say, we don't get to know everything at once, and what we do know is pitifully little in comparison to what could be known. Plus, many of the things that we think we know turn out to be untrue.

I have known someone who had a vision but added one little assumption to what God has said and came up with the wrong conclusion. God corrected this person later and showed how He had spoken the truth but the person had added an interpretation. It is very easy to have God speaking to you through Scripture and to add to God's utterances, creating error. Of course, it's even easier to create error by adding to the utterances of God which He gives by observation--scientific method.

Assumptions, made-up stories, irrational thinking, and outright lies are a universal human problem, and that makes it difficult. But that is exactly the point of the battle--to discover reality and leave the lies behind. So, we need to hold on to the things that we think that we know so that the Holy Spirit can continually correct us in the areas where we are wrong. This is why humility is so important."

On the other hand, you may not be asking that question at all. You may be saying, "If there is an error, then there can be no truth." I don't want to put words into your mouth, but I have heard that argument against God. Of course, it is usually not stated in such a plain way that makes the irrationality of such a thought so obvious, but I think it is good to make it obvious so we can examine that idea and get it off the table. We are involved in a flat-out spiritual war. Satan is real and he is a liar. He is the natural slave-master of every person who is born. Christ died and rose to set us free. Satan has many false revelations for every true revelation, and he spreads them through his people. The truth is that I hear Satan's voice through his people and through my own carnal mind all the time, but I am learning to ignore that voice and to acknowledge the Voice of Christ as He leads me. The lie does not eliminate the truth. The false does not eliminate reality.

In addition, Jesus speaks to us, through the Bible, saying, "Whoever is on the side of Truth listens to Me." He says, "My sheep hear My Voice." All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, (this was true when it was written and it is true whenever it is read or remembered) He says, "Today if you will hear His Voice, don't harden your innermost minds." Jesus also says, "He who hears you [those who follow Him] hears Me; and he who despises you despises Me; and he who despises Me despises Him Who sent Me." Jesus is very clear that those who desire righteousness come to Him. Those who don't desire righteousness don't come to Him. Basically, what He is saying to you and to me is that only those who love darkness more than light will have trouble recognizing the light. He is also saying that He is the One Who guides the process.

I hope that this helps.

I would like to mention one thing that I have noticed. I hope you don't mind. It seems that the problem is never really about whether a person believes that Christ is or that God is. It is usually that people know what the commitment to Christ would mean in terms of lifestyle changes and coming into conformity with His righteousness, holiness, and redemption. You might ask yourself whether or not that is the case with you. That's just something to think about. Perhaps the Holy Spirit may bring that to your memory from time to time.

Last updated: Nov, 2013
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