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How Do I Pray In Jesus' Name


When you do something in Jesus' Name, it is Christ in you doing the work. When you pray in Jesus Name, you listen and wait with reverence and honor toward God until God gives you directions concerning the prayer that you are to pray. When God speaks (1 Corinthians 12:3, Romans 10:17, Isaiah 48:17, Matthew 4:4), you hear and submit yourself to His words (Proverbs 1:33, John 6:28-29, Hebrews 3:15). God's leading is always an unveiling of Christ in you, and it always gives you a better understanding of who you are in Christ (James 1:22-25, 2 Corinthians 3:18, 1 Corinthians 13:12). As you hear God's instruction to you, you see yourself as a member of Christ the Body joined to Christ the Head. You recognize your dependence on Christ the Body and Christ the Head. You actually discern the Body of Christ and your relationship to it. This is important, because, to pray in Jesus Name, you must take your place in Christ the Body. Christ the Body is just as much Christ as Christ the Head. There is a level of unity that God has planned for us that we cannot yet comprehend. When you pray in Jesus Name, you are entering into that unity. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Faith will then fill your heart--God's faith, not a rationalized faith (Romans 10:17). Faith will give you access to God's grace (Romans 5:2). That is when the love of God is shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost. God's free gift (grace) of righteousness flows through you as you yield yourself (in this case, in prayer) to God's grace (Romans 6:13). It is actually Grace, the Christ, who prays the prayer through you (1 Corinthians 15:10, Romans 10:3, Hebrews 12:28b, Romans 5:18-21). Of course, you cannot stand in the presence of God and come out as your were before standing in His presence. You are transfigured to some degree by the experience. This is called holiness and redemption (being set free from sin's slavery).

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Note: The Name of Jesus is seldom understood. His Name is His very essence. God never puts a name on anything that does not describe what that person is. He doesn't falsely label things. Sometimes, prayers are said with the label on the end of them: "In Jesus Name, Amen." If this is just words, just a label, with nothing behind those words, then it constitutes taking the Name of Jesus in vain. We are to do all things in Jesus name. If you are picking up your socks, you should do it in Jesus Name.

Whatever is not of faith is sin. It is possible to pray an unrighteous prayer. We need to pray the prayers that God gives us to pray. Hezekiah was dying and prayed for more years on his life. God was taking him home, but he didn't want to go. After his life was extended, he made a mistake that was the downfall of Israel. Sometimes, God will give us what we ask for because we persist, but the thing that we receive is not God's best for us.

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Last updated: Jan, 2013
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