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How to Minister to Person Who is Deceived by Satan


It is difficult to see a friend, or even a person you just met, in confusion with many religious ideas.  There is no simple answer to questions about how to minister except to allow the Spirit of the Living Christ to flow through you in love toward this person and everyone else.  There is no more compelling way to minister to others than to enter fully into your own experience with Christ.  It is that personal relationship that ministers to them since the ministry is not your natural self but the Living Christ within you Who ministers through you.

The points on this page may shake the faith of the Atheist in the precepts of Atheism, but the most important thing is that you share the Good News (Gospel). This is simple. All these other things may help, but it is the proclamation of the Gospel that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

God has always moved in witness through the righteous acts that the Holy Spirit does through His people.  Let the Love of God be shed abroad in your mind by the Holy Ghost.  Yield your members to the flow of that Love.  Acts and words of kindness that come from the flow of the Anointing of the Holy Spirit can melt a hard heart.  Of course, any time you yield at all to your own fallen fleshly nature, you work against the work of Christ, both in you and in those around you.

Don't be afraid to share how Jesus speaks to you daily, guides you, and answers your prayers.  If you are unaware of the leading of Jesus in your life, then you need to turn your mind toward Jesus, pay attention to Him, thank Him for each blessing moment by moment, ask Him for direction in everything, and yield to His Spirit in everything so that He can think His Thoughts, say His Words, and do His Works through you.  As God gives you the words to speak, talk freely to your friends and acquaintances about how He corrects you or keeps you from danger.  Make sure that the only words the come from your mouth are from Him.  Anything else can do great damage to those you would have been able to minister to since they blame the ministry, the Christ in you, for your bad actions and words.  Let Christ minister to your friend. 

Another thing that you can do is to hold in your mind a constant awareness of the Body of Christ.  Discern the Christ in each member of the Body of Christ.  Love every member of your local assembly.  Don't know any of the members of the Body of Christ after the flesh but rather after the spirit.  Realize that each one has a fleshly nature but that each one truly is the Christ within them.  When God gives you a word about this Body of Christ for your friend, and when you allow the Grace of God to speak that word through you to your friend, this will minister to your friend.

One other thing.  You cannot be responsible to try to save your friend.  Only the Holy Spirit can do that.  Your place is to be obedient to the Spirit. 

Some cults and false religions also seem to have spiritual experiences, but it is likely that most if not all of these experiences are with evil spirits.  So, the person you are ministering to may also know about actual experience, yet you must discern the spirit of it.  Others will have a naturalistic experience where they even deny the God Who is speaking to them moment by moment and Who is speaking to them through you.  Don't assume that you know where they are coming from.  Listen to what they say and understand it before speaking.  When you do speak, come more from this position: "Would you care to hear why I believe (whatever it is that God has told you to talk about)?"  Then, they are likely to allow you to speak and to listen since you began softly.

When someone trolls, looking to provoke you into an argument, cut to the central problem.  Tell them that they are touching the edge of the problem, but the things that you believe are much more offensive than what they are trying to pick at.  Tell them that you believe that God is God and that human beings are not.  Tell them that you believe that God speaks to people through the Bible.  Tell them that the Bible means exactly what it says and that it is God's Word without error.  Tell them that you know that no one can really have any more than a human opinion unless God reveals His will.  Tell them that God doesn't care about their opinion any more than He cares about your own.  God has His own opinion.  Then stand your ground on God's revelation rather than on weak human reasoning. (some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

An easy way to handle these people is to tell them the truth:

Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). We have not followed cleverly designed made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, or irrational statements. Rather, we follow the Living Christ, Who leads us and speaks the Utterances of absolute, genuine fullness of Life to us.

Whatever they come back with will consist of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). This is true whether they say "Evolution is science," "There is no God," "God doesn't speak to you," "You are stupid," "You don't understand science," "I don't have enough evidence to believe," "There is no evidence for God," or any other thing, so just say some variation of the following:

Thank you for providing an excellent example: Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). We have not followed cleverly designed made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, or irrational statements. Rather, we follow the Living Christ, Who leads us and speaks the Utterances of absolute, genuine fullness of Life to us. (example using this on an blog)


Avoid These:

Be very careful of compromise.  As soon as you compromise, everything becomes a gray area.  God places a huge division between righteousness and sin.  Whatever He doesn't lead you into and do through you is sin.    In ministry, there is no need for compromise.  Often, those who are not following Christ will invite you to engage in their activities that are not of the Father but of the world.  It is not kind to flatter or to say that sin is righteousness and righteousness is sin.  If they ask about their own sin, which they often will do, speak the truth in love with gentleness, without anger, without disgust, without condemnation, and in the power of the Grace of God.  Remember what Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery: Neither do I condemn you--go and sin no more lest a worse thing befall you.  He was kind but truthful.

Avoid moralism, that is, talking about morality apart from God and what He says through His Word.

In these types of discussions, don't let Satan turn any discussion into a contest.  Discuss without turning the other person into a loser or turning yourself into the winner.

Avoid the biggest compromise, accepting the unbeliever's foundation as the "neutral" position.  It is not neutral.  If we didn’t have the Bible as authority to find out what is right and what is wrong as we stand before God and allow Him to show us His revelation of what is right and what is wrong, we would just share our opinions.  Who is then to say one person’s opinion is better than another person’s opinion.  When someone jumps on you and disagrees with what you know from God, they will insist that we must all be “objective.”  And they will then insist that you accept their own presuppositions, their own starting point for all their thoughts.  What will that starting point be?  Probably Naturalism, the notion that God doesn’t speak to people, not even through Scripture.  They may have a presupposition of Materialism, the notion that God doesn’t exist.  They may have a presupposition so Uniformitarianism, the notion that the flood never occurred.  They may have a presupposition of rationalism, the notion that the human mind can manufacture knowledge on its own.  They may have a notion of scientism, the worship of science as the source of all knowledge.  So they want you to accept their presupposition as a starting point, and they insist that this is neutral ground.  If they do this and try to shout down any use of what God says in His Word, then do what Martin Luther did.  He said that he would not debate people who did not base their arguments on Scripture alone.  That may make them furious, but it is what they are doing to you, except that their presuppositions are incorrect and your basis, revelation from God, is correct.

Some suggestions to avoid the biggest compromise:

"Show me your absolute evidence that evolution actually happened, not that it could have happened.  I'm not interested in opinions or feasible stories.  Other than that, I won't accept any evidence other than Scripture.  If you can't prove it in the Bible, it is only your opinion.  I don't care any more about your opinion than God does."

"Show me your absolute evidence that Naturalism can be proven by repeatable scientific process, that God doesn't exist and that there is no spiritual realm.  Other than that, I won't accept any evidence other than Scripture.  If you can't prove it there it is only your opinion.  I don't care any more about your opinion than God does."

"Show me your absolute evidence that God doesn't speak to us through Scripture.  Barring than that, I won't accept any evidence other than Scripture.  If you can't prove it there it is only your opinion.  I don't care any more about your opinion than God does."  (They may bring up many of the arguments for errors in Scripture that have been brought forward and refuted over hundreds of years)  "You may be able to ask me a question I don't know the answer to, but every attack on Scripture has been successfully refuted, so you would need iron-clad absolute evidence that God doesn't speak to us through Scripture.  You won't find it, since I personally know that God speaks to me through Scripture.  Other than that, I won't accept any evidence other than Scripture.  If you can't prove it there it is only your opinion.  I don't care any more about your opinion than God does."

If they say that knowledge is only given through science: "Since you say that knowledge is only found through science, then that statement itself must be proven using scientific method or else it is not true by its own definition.  Show me the scientific research that shows this to be true or else admit that the statement was false.  I don't care about your opinion any more than God does, but I'm perfectly willing to discuss Scripture with you or what God is doing in our lives."

On the blogs: "It seems that the people who know anything about science are doing science.  The others are teaching and bouncing around on the blogs making science seem like something that requires unprovable assertions and circular reasoning and showing that they don't have a clue about how real science is done or how logic works.  I don't care about your opinion any more than God does, but I'm perfectly willing to discuss Scripture with you or what God is doing in our lives."

"I'm really not any more interested in the opinions of scientists than God is.  Let's talk about something real.  What does the Scripture say?  . . ."

Avoid being a poser.  Don't pretend to be more spiritually mature than you are.  Don't put on that you are better than any other person.  Never gossip.  Gossip implies that you are somehow better than someone else.  You are forgiven for what should receive punishment in hell.  And anything you do right is because of the Spirit of God in you doing His work through you.  You have nothing to brag about.  Admit that you have sin in you but that you don't want to be controlled by it.  (You HAVE a sinful nature, but you IDENTIFY WITH the Christ Who lives within you.  That's the real you.)  Satan influences the minds of the ungodly to accuse Christ-followers of being hypocrites who sin and then pretend not to have sin.  Granted, there are hypocrites who call themselves "Christian," but these are not Christ-followers.  Let them know that you don't claim to be better than anyone but that you are seeking God moment by moment to transfigure you from your fleshly mind to the mind of Christ--that you haven't yet overcome, but God is forming Christ in you little by little, and He is setting you free from your own sinful nature.  Paul, the apostle, fully admitted that he had not yet achieved this and it's OK for you to also admit the same.  However, you can tell the truth about those areas of your life where God has given you the victory, not to brag but to encourage others that God can do this.  The fact that there is a huge part of the Church that is compromising on sin, stepping knowingly into various sins, makes this problem much worse.  Be Christ to them. 

Don't be a denomination-follower; be a Christ-follower.

Avoid rooting your statements in science or philosophy--or even the Bible--rather than Christ.  Science is one of the ways that God speaks to us, but God speaks through it and says exactly what Scripture says.  Just as Satan gets the wrong interpretation out of the Bible, Satan also gets the wrong interpretation out of the Scripture.  If God says something to you through Scripture, then speak about it.  Most of the reason that denominations exist is because of people speculating about the Bible.

Sometimes the sales-oriented "witnessing systems" cause more problems that they do good.  There are many memorized scripts.  There are also many question-asking techniques.  There is nothing inherently wrong with the words of these memorized scripts.  There is nothing wrong with asking questions.  What is wrong is trying to witness in a mechanical way without allowing God to give you the words and to move through you to say those words.  Without the Holy Spirit, there can be no true witness.

Don't argue, but it is OK to answer questions that your friend asks.  Some, especially the followers of Atheism, will try to bait you.  They may even say that they are open-minded and willing to hear an argument to convince them.  There are some who just need to hear answers to some misconceptions that they had.  Others, however, are practiced ungodly people who know how to troll for Christians.  They frame the conversation in a way that implies that you must convince them.  Of course, they have an argument, no matter how insane, against anything you say.  When they frame the conversation in this way, you must re-frame it by letting them know that they have the responsibility to believe God, that they already know that God exists, that you have no responsibility to convince them of anything, and that you are willing to answer any questions that they may have but not to argue.  This kind of person will constantly be trying to turn the conversation back into an argument, but be led by God.  God may lead you away from such people.  Only minister to those who are indicated to you by the Holy Spirit.  When God tells you to break off a conversation, break it off.  Don't get fooled by Satan into thinking that there is a debate that you are supposed to win.

What is ministry

Every member of the Body of Christ has a ministry and is a ministry. The ministry is Christ in us, the hope of glory. Only God is Good. Only He can minister (serve) in an effective way. When we minister to those who have not yet been born again, we respond to the leading of God in the moment. We hear His voice. He directs us. Faith comes to us by hearing His utterance. Faith gives us access to His grace, His free gift of righteousness. His righteousness ministers to the spiritually dead person, breathing God's life into that person. You have yielded your members to expressing the words of God, but it is not you. You are acting as the oracle, the mouthpiece of God. That person is hearing the utterance of God through you as you yield to the Holy Spirit. That is ministry. Anything that is self-generated is not ministry.

We have been redeemed in part. Our spirits have been redeemed and joined to God's Spirit, and we sit with Him in the spiritual realm. Part of our minds, hearts, souls, have been transfigured through the obedience that is by grace through faith. And, in this part of our being that we call "our ministry" we are resting from our own works. We now just yield to the Holy Spirit and allow the love of God to be shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. We have ceased from our own dead works of self-generated "filthy rags" righteousness. We allow God's free gift of righteousness to work the works of God through us as we yield the members of our bodies to Him. That causes a progressive dying to the flesh and transfiguration of our mind into the mind of Christ.

The flesh is that part of your being that is still under the influence of Satan and the worldly influences, including false teachings, the winds of doctrine. The flesh is that part of the soul, mind, heart that is still in bondage to the body. Paul tells us that we are waiting for the redemption of our bodies.

How to minister to Error

(in order of importance)

How to minister to person who is deceived by Satan: First, draw near to God.
Listen to Him. Trust Him. Obey His voice. 1 Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready [prepared] always [without ceasing] to give an answer [reasoned response] to every man who asks you for a reason of the hope that is in you with gentleness and respect: Note, that this verse starts by instructing us to sanctify the Lord, God in our hearts. This is holiness. Holiness comes by grace through faith and is real, not make-believe or human-manufactured holiness. This verse states that they will ask you. When someone asks, their mind is somewhat open. They will ask if you have joy, peace, love, long-suffering, gentleness, humility, meekness, goodness, faith, wisdom, and inner strength (Christ). They will not ask if you are grouchy, unloving, short-tempered, easily offended, rude, proud, pushing for your way, naughty, immoral, doubting, foolish, and lacking inner strength. It is the Anointing that ministers. Christ is the ministry. You must walk in the Spirit to minister the Spirit.

How to minister to person who is deceived by Satan: Second, discern Christ the Body. Walk in love and submission to the members of the Body, especially Scripture-based authority. When you see yourself as part of a many-membered Body without meaning outside of the Body and that Body being Christ the Body, then you see Him as He is. This is what changes you. Every gift, ministry, office, and order is important. Go in the strength of the Body. Be aware of the presence of Christ the Head and Christ the Body wherever you go. If you see all of this, you walk in the full authority of the Body of Christ.

How to minister to person who is deceived by Satan: Third, understand faith. The real conflict between those who are in error and the Christian who is ministering by the Spirit is over faith. It is over faith regardless of whether the person is Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, Evolutionist, or what their belief system is. Don't ever forget this fact. You will almost always find that unbelievers don't even know what faith is. Most Christians don't know what faith is either. Faith only comes by a personal revelation of God. Your faith, if it is faith, involved you coming to know Jesus. You may have had to overcome some lies that were bound up in your mind; perhaps someone answered some of your questions. However, only Christ can overcome such things. Somewhere in this process, God spoke to you, and you acknowledged Him rather than your own flesh-controlled mind. No one can accept Jesus unless Jesus has personally revealed Himself to them.

  • The person who is deceived by Satan may deny the possibility of this. If they do, it is generally because they believe in the power of the human mind. They at least believe in the power of those human minds that happen to agree with them. They have an unfounded "faith" in the human mind. The person who is in Christ believes in Christ, the One Who wrote the Bible and reveals His truth through the Bible. The person who is deceived by Satan will question and be skeptical of God. The follower of Christ believes and honors God.
  • Everyone has a worldview. Most people think their own personal worldview has something to do with reality. To make matters worse, most people don't even know that there is such a thing as a worldview. They think that they are relating directly to reality, unaware of the fact that they are filtering everything through their worldview.
  • When you get to the basis of any worldview, you run into the problem of circular reasoning. Logic is a valuable gift from God, but it runs out of steam when you get to the root basis. For instance, the root basis of Atheism is the unsupported claim that there is no God. The presupposition of materialism is simply the root basis stating plainly: "We accept as an Axiom that cannot be challenged that there is no God." The Atheist always has trouble admitting this and will present many so-called "proofs" for the non-existence of God. If you take the enormous amount of time to dig to the depth of the hidden assumptions, you will find that every one of those so-called "proofs" has been derived using the premise of "no God." Using this premise as the base, the Atheist seeks to prove that God doesn't exist. This is circular reasoning. The Christ followers, on the other hand, has as their root basis, not the Bible, but the God who wrote the Bible and reveals the Bible to them. This the Rock spoken of in Scripture. The wise man built his house on the Rock. It is solid and cannot be moved. The person who is deceived by Satan is building on made-up assumptions, which is like building on sand. They are rationalizations, carefully hidden and covered with many calculations and magician's patter. They are just making stuff up! In other words, they are lying. Their lies aren't even well-hidden because the people who are swallowing their lies love to be lied to.
  • The Rock of revelation can be challenged by one argument: "If God reveals to every Christian, then why are there denominations and arguments over doctrine?" The answer is simply this: 1. Human weakness will automatically add to Scripture and take from Scripture, so we must keep our minds open to God so that God can correct us. 2. God knows our weakness and has built safeguards and offices into the Pattern of the Church to keep that doctrine pure and to allow for His perpetual unfolding of the meaning of Scripture by revelation. Without those safeguards and offices, the Church is subject to winds of doctrine.
  • Deep down, every unbeliever has a knowledge of God. When you run into an unbeliever who absolutely refuses to hear the truth, you have met a person who doesn't want God. They are rebellious and do not want to acknowledge God. They do not want to hold them in their knowledge. How do we know? God has revealed it. If they accept the concept of God, they do not want Him to be what He is and they do not want to submit themselves to Him. That is the cause of the resistance.
  • Christ the Body is not based on a worldview. There is no base assumption for the true Christian (Christ one). The true Christian believes because of the utterance of God. God speaks to the Christian and the miraculous ability to believe the truth (faith) comes. Faith (supernatural belief) cometh by hearing and hearing by the word [literally, utterance] of God. God tells the Christian that the Bible is without error, that it really cannot be broken. This is not circular reasoning. This is revelation.
  • An unbeliever or a weak Christian may claim that God didn't reveal or that God cannot reveal, but the claim is not rational. The claim is based on a presupposition. Whatever that base presupposition is depending on the unbeliever's or weak Christian's worldview. Worldviews that deny the power of the True God to reveal or deny the authority of the Bible, which was written by God, act as filters to filter out reality. If an unbeliever weak Christian claims to have knowledge that God didn't reveal to you and that God didn't write the Bible through those men who penned the words of the Bible, the person is claiming to know all things including the personal spiritual experiences of every person who has ever lived. In other words, the unbeliever or weak Christian is claiming to be God. That is insanity.
  • You may also find that the unbeliever or even a weak Christian wants to define faith in a way that is contrary to Scripture. The unbeliever does this in order to argue, to cause confusion over the meanings of words. The weak Christian does this because they are in error. Remember that the unbeliever is blind and deaf to the spiritual realm. Immature Christians are also dealing with a high level of blindness, and, sometimes, they think that they can see. As Jesus told Nicodemus, unless a person is born again by believing in Jesus, they cannot see the Kingdom of God. And the natural mind cannot receive the things of God. Even after a person is born again, their vision and hearing is determined by their spiritual maturity. That is the reason for God's safeguards and offices.

How to minister to person who is deceived by Satan: Fourth, Pray: How often we forget to pray. When you are going to talk to a person who is deceived by Satan, prepare with prayer. As you are talking to the person who is deceived by Satan, pray. If they do not believe, ask them if they would be open-minded enough to accept Christ if He actually revealed Himself to them in a real way. If they say that they that are open-minded, then ask if you can pray for them. If they consent, pray right there that God would reveal Himself to them in a real way.

How to minister to the person who is deceived by Satan: Fifth, be effective. Initiate, inquire, invest, and influence.

  • Initiate: Make contact. Start a conversation. Be winsome. Let the love of God be shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost.
  • Enquire: Care about others.
    • Question statements, sarcasm, and rhetorical questions. Only answer honest questions.
    • Even though you may know that a person is affiliated with a certain type of belief system, you do not know what that person believes until they tell you. Whoever answers a matter before hearing it, it is a folly and a shame to him. Proverbs 18:13 There is a lot of variation out there. The carnal mind can go anywhere.
    • If they make untrue statements, hear them out. Ask how they know that statement is true. When they tell you how they know, they will give a basis. When they give a basis, ask how they know that--how can they be so sure that their basis is solid? They will answer with the basis of the basis. Ask how they know that that answer is valid. Continue to drill down to understand their reasoning until they become less emphatic or even questioning. What makes them so sure? Ask if you can see their data and research? With a person who depends on anything but revelation from God, you will eventually get down to the point where they either use circular reasoning or just become irrational. With many of the Eastern Religions, Mormonism, New Age, UFO Cults and some other false religions, you may find that they actually have powerful demons (spirit guides) speaking to them and telling them things. This is a form of revelation, but demons lie with enough true facts mixed in to make the lie sound plausible. Make every effort to avoid embarrassing the person who is deceived by Satan when it becomes apparent that they are not being rational. Give them respect. Protect their dignity. They are creations of the Amighty, All-wise, God. Avoid "you" talk. Don't say, "You are wrong." It might be bette to start something like: "Would you like to know the way that I see this? Avoid saying, "I disagree, and here is why..." Instead, say, "Would you be willing to hear my thoughts on this?" Don't let yourself be tempted into saying something like, "You aren't really making any sense." A better approach would be, "Help me to understand that." Rather than pointing out, "You have violated the rules of logic," try, "So are you saying (paraphrase back what they just said in a way that makes the violation of logic clearly visible)?"
    • If they become aggressive or angry, draw them out. This is a spiritual battle, and the spirit of an angry or disrespectful person will try to project itself on you. Don't allow yourself to be drawn out of the anointing and love of God. Listen rather than argue. Ask clarifying questions. If you look to Jesus, He will ask questions through you that help to get the unbeliever to the place that Christ wants for unbeliever at this time. God will ask the questions through you to build up the immature Christian.
  • Invest: Invite them for a meal, a home sing-along, or a Bible study. Pray for them when they have problems or are sick. If they have a sick child, ask if you can come to their home to pray for the child's healing. Help them in any way that you can. Show them love.
  • Influence: After you have listened, you can ask, "Would you like to know my reasoning for believing (your view of whatever you have been discussing).
    • This cannot be effective if you allow Satan to trick you into getting upset? If you yield to Satan, you will minister the wrong Spirit.
    • Have confidence that God will give you a word to say. If you don't know what to say, then listen until God gives you a word. When God gives you a word, say it.
    • Concentrate on what Christ does in you and in His Church today. Concentrate on God's awsome power today. No one wants to hear a sermon, but people will tend to listen if you talk about your experience with Christ. It is often much more effective to tell of experiences, yours and other people's, rather than trying to explain philosophically or theoretically. People can understand what happened to other people and then apply it to their own lives. Emotional or competitive intellectual debates are seldom helpful to anyone.

How to minister to the person who is deceived by Satan: Sixth, Don't get bogged down.

  • There is much evidence for everything that God has revealed in the Bible. There are scientific facts and laws that support Scripture and make beliefs that are contrary to Scripture look silly. This is true of all branches of observational science, including archaeology and historical document research, etc. Even though this is the case, do not make the evidence the center of your argument. Make Christ the center of your argument.
  • Keep in mind that it is the Spirit Who ministers, not humanity. Don't lean on your own understanding.
  • When you use evidence, use it for answering real questions. You may have to answer some questions, so you should learn as much as you possibly can about how the Bible is attacked and why those attacks are foolish. The sincere person will hear your testimony with joy. God may send you to expose some lie of Satan that has been holding the person who is deceived by Satan in bondage.
  • Remember that the person who is deceived by Satan who persists in unbelief does not persist in unbelief because they need more information. They resist because they are resisting the Holy Spirit. The scoffer will be unaffected by your arguments from evidence. If you show the person who is deceived by Satan that their logic is faulty, they won't be convinced. They will find some rescuing mechanism even if it makes no sense. If you demonstrate to them that they have no evidence, they will say, "We will find some one day." If you show them the odds against their argument, they will say, "That means there is still a chance." Some of them even create an infinite number of parallel universes in their minds and then claim that they have now proven that the impossible has to happen given an infinite number of chances. There is no limit to the foolishness when someone doesn't want to submit to God. Remember that it is not the lack of evidence that keeps them from believing. They don't want to believe. Those who reject light do so because they love darkness.
  • Young people who leave Christ in College generally do so because of peer pressure, lack of commitment to Christ, and the lure of sin. It is not because of the evidence, although they may have been raised in a compromising church that teaches an inconsistent and confusing message. Many churches teach that the Bible is the infallible Word of God, yet some parts of it are not true or can't be trusted. Others teach that the Bible is a book of fables. This type of lie, repeatedly told to a young person who is growing up, makes it pretty easy for the young person to reject Christ.
  • The reality is that there is no real evidence against God or the Bible. The scientific and historical evidence greatly favors Christ, but it is the Holy Spirit who works on the heart and brings a person to Christ. Facts and logical argument cannot do it. If the person who is deceived by Satan is resistant to the Holy Spirit, they will not receive any answer you may give, but be ready to give the answer anyway. You never know. If the person has heard a lie, use evidence to show them the truth. A sincere heart will listen. When a person who is deceived by Satan will not listen to the Holy Spirit, God will not force Himself on them. That person is not rejecting you. That person is rejecting God.


Last updated: Sep, 2013
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How to minister to the ungodly: First, draw near to God.

How to minister to the ungodly: Second, discern Christ the Body.

How to minister to the ungodly: Third, understand faith.

How to minister to the ungodly: Fourth, Pray

How to minister to the ungodly: Fifth , be effective

How to minister to the ungodly: Sixth, Don't get bogged down.

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Fossil Record Says: "Creation"

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Public School's Religion

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Public School Failures

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How can we know anything about anything? That's the real question

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The complexity of Gods Way understood in a single diagram
Obey your flesh and descend into darkness