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Is It As Plain To You As It Is To Me Which Of These Groups Is telling the truth?


I would think that it would be very clear to everyone who wants to know who is lying. It seems so clear to me, but some people seem confused.

You have two groups of people, and each group is accusing the other of lying. Each group is claiming to be telling the truth. One of these groups is commonly called left-wing or liberals. The other group is commonly called right-wing or conservatives. We will only deal with Christians here. In the language of liberalism, Christians are generally called, right-wing or conservative, but we need to move away from labels. Even the word, Christian doesn't mean the same thing to every person. So let us say that we are speaking of those who are truly following Christ, who have a real relationship with Him. On the other side are those who do not have such a relationship. Proof of this is that those who don't have a real relationship with Christ work very hard to "prove" that the Bible is not a reliable book. If they accept the Bible at all, they say that it must be interpreted by reason. If you investigate the use of the word reason, they are talking about adding to and taking from the Bible. They will say that certain parts are outdated. Some parts are not very important to them. For the sake of this discussion, let's call the two groups the godly and the ungodly.

These two groups have totally different views of the world around them.

The godly group embraces Christian, Biblical, values and one of these values is the concept that says that it is a sin to tell a lie, and a lie is an abomination to God. The godly will say that there are absolutes and there is an absolute God. They believe in the reality of an absolute truth. They believe that there are absolute lies. They contend that the ends do not justify the means. The godly maintain that leaders should be held to
internal consistency and integrity." The godly are appalled by the liberal concept that there are no absolutes and there is no truth.

The ungodly group embraces ungodly values. One of these values is the concept that says that there is no such thing as truth and, as a result, no such thing as a lie.
The ungodly hate the godly belief that there is such a thing as sin. The ungodly say that there are no absolutes. They say there is no absolute God, there is no absolute truth, and there are no absolute lies. They maintain that an intellectual is one who can hold many conflicting opinions at the same time. To the ungodly, life is about winning, not about truth. The ungodly do what they have to do to win, because they believe that the ends justify the means. Presentation and control of the media is everything to the ungodly. The ungodly do not hold their ungodly leaders to internal consistency and integrity. The ungodly are appalled by the godly concept that there are absolutes and there is truth.

What a contrast!

Can you see what I see?

Is it as plain to you as it is to me which of these two groups is lying and which is telling the truth?

Now, it may not be true 100% of the time. Christians slip and sometimes step into sin. Christians might lie. If they do, it is against what they profess to believe. If the ungodly lie, they are not in conflict with what they believe.

Some other things to keep in mind:

Republicans are not necessarily conservatives and conservativism has several meanings, one of which is a synonym for a follower of Christ.

Not all conservatives are trying to follow the Bible.

Not all conservatives are Christians.

Certainly, there is a difference in the degree of truthfulness when comparing any two conservatives.

There is a difference in motivation between any two conservatives and even between any two Christians.

But one thing is clear: ungodliness presents no ethical reason not to lie. Some of the ungodly may have picked up the Christian tenet that it is a sin to tell a lie, but that is in direct conflict with the tenets of ungodliness.

In general, the ungodly encourage each person to determine for himself or herself what he or she will call right or wrong.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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