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Liberal Progressives Do Progress Away From God.


  Liberal Progressives  

Though liberals effectively create confusion between the many definitions of the words, liberal and Liberalism, in contemporary use of the word liberal, the definition listed above is almost always what is meant. This is true of liberal Christians, liberal churches, and liberal politicians.  

There is, for instance, a meaning of the word, Liberalism, that includes a belief that governments should have very limited power. The liberals of which we speak will point to that definition and imply that that somehow is the same position that they are taking when, in fact, everything they do is aimed at tighter and tighter control by the government and oppressive laws.

Prime examples of this are Red China, The former Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. Other countries with a higher percentage of Christ-centered Christians, such as the United States and Canada, can see the efforts of the godless liberals pushing their countries toward the same level of corrupt control.

Interestingly, because of the desire of the followers of Liberalism to create rapid political change in the direction of Liberalism, there is an attempt to use equivocation, the use of confusion of terms to deceive. This type of deception, when done skillfully, is very difficult to detect. And liberals tend to be very skilled at deception and swaying political thought.  

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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Liberal Progressives Do Progress Away From God.

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