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Lies Based on Nothing Versus Truth Based on Revelation


If you know nothing else, you need to know that your God is not a theory or a concept but Jesus Christ is the real, tangible God.  He speaks to you and interacts with you.  The Almighty God, Who is holding everything together in order consistently throughout the Universe, cares about you every moment.  As 1 Corinthians 12 indicates, God is not like the idols that are incapable of articulate speech, and we can tell if a person is speaking by the Holy Spirit or not.  Our God is relevant and takes personal care of any who will come to Him in respect and humility.  God reveals Himself to us, but the question is whether we will acknowledge Him or follow other voices.

It is the proclamation of the Gospel, not argumentation, that transforms minds. See Give Them the Gospel.

The contradictory message that is shouted by ungodly people is a story that says that God doesn't speak to His people.  Alternately, this opposing voice says that if God does speak, the human mind could not be trusted to discern between God's voice and other voices.  It then says that you are generating all the voices from your mind that cannot be trusted. It believes in fabricated stories (evolutionism, old-Earthism, big-bangism, bibilcal-erroism, etc.) that are based on arbitrary assumptions (naturalism, materialism, uniformitarianism) and rationalizations. That's it. Yes, it's a vapor. It doesn't make any sense, and yet it is taught by most of the scholars as if it did make sense. No wonder people get their degree and can't think--not all of them, though. Some swim through the sewer and find some things that are true while rejecting the lies.There is a reason that it's difficult to communicate. The person following assumptions is frustrated because the assumptions seem like reality. The Christ-follower doesn't realize the depth of the darkness of the ungodly.

Atheism, Agnoticism, Evolutionism, Old-Earthism, Naturalism, Materialism, Uniformitarianism, and other lies rely on fabricated stories, well filtered facts, irrationality, rationalizations, and arbitrary assumptions. It's amazing anyone could believe such things that are built on vapor. They are often dogmatic about fabricated stories (evolutionism, old-Earthism, big-bangism, bibilcal-erroism, etc.) that are based on arbitrary assumptions (naturalism, materialism, uniformitarianism) and rationalizations. That is simply amazing.

Once you determine that a person in insincere and hardened against the Good News and merely trying to hassle you, an easy way to handle these people is to tell them the truth:

Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). We have not followed cleverly designed made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, or irrational statements. Rather, we follow the Living Christ, Who leads us and speaks the Utterances of absolute, genuine fullness of Life to us.

Whatever they come back with will consist of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). This is true whether they say "Evolution is science," "There is no God," "God doesn't speak to you," "You are stupid," "You don't understand science," "I don't have enough evidence to believe," "There is no evidence for God," "The Bible has errors," or any other thing, so just say some variation of the following:

Thank you for providing an excellent example: Every evidence that is used against God consists of made-up stories (lies), arbitrary assumptions (lies), or irrational statements (insanity). We have not followed cleverly designed made-up stories, arbitrary assumptions, or irrational statements. Rather, we follow the Living Christ, Who leads us and speaks the Utterances of absolute, genuine fullness of Life to us. (example using this on an blog)

"When evolution is seen as a storytelling game rather than a serious attempt at scientific explanation, it suddenly makes sense."

Ask them this question: "The kinds of animals are probably roughly the same as a families, like dogs: collies, wolves, foxes or cats, kitties, lions, tigers. Can you give any examples of one kind of animal turning into another kind of animal?"

There is no foundation for their thinking. They may use the word, science, but if you probe until they finally tell you the basis of their belief, you will be amazed to know that they have nothing there. Most of them don't seem to understand science, especially if they have been trained in science by the Secular Humanist universities, which includes all publicly funded universities. There is a lot of hocus pokus, flimflam, and shifty deception, but no substance. The starting point of their logic is a handful of dogmatically believed assumptions: naturalism (God doesn't speak or do anything), materialism (God doesn't exist), and uniformitarianism (there was no 6-day creation or catastrophic worldwide flood). Then they use those assumptions to prove that God doesn't speak or do anything else, God doesn't exist, and there was no 6-day creation or worldwide flood. That is circular. They have rationalizations to support their assumptions, but no matter how carefully they rationalize their assumptions, assumptions are by nature arbitrary and thus it is irrational to become dogmatic about an assumption. But, when confronted with the foolishness of their thinking, they refuse to acknowledge God because they don't want to obey Him.

The fact is that the human mind cannot be trusted.  It is deceitful and desperately wicked.  The ungodly people expose this this deceit and wickedness by saying, "The human mind can't be trusted, therefore trust the human mind rather than God."  They say it much less obviously and much more deceitfully, though.  Fortunately, our human minds don't have to be trusted to discern between God's voice and other voices.  God can be trusted, and He is the One Who makes sure that everyone who seeks Him in humility, sincerity, and respect finds Him and not something else.  He has promised this and cannot lie.  He commands us not to lean on our own understanding, because our own understanding will deceive us.  We need revelation through Jesus Christ.  See: How Can I Know God's Will and be Led by the Spirit Of God?

The human mind doesn't work correctly unless the Spirit of God is flowing through it.  "The love of God is shed abroad in our innermost minds by the Holy Ghost."  What you believe will be a product of who you are listening to.  Those who listen to Satan instead of God are lost.  Those who listen to God instead of Satan will find truth, faith, and salvation.  If you speak by the Holy Spirit, you proclaim the Christ (the Person of the Almighty Living God) in every word that you say and everything that you do.  If you have Christ in you and you're yielding to the Spirit of Christ, His Spirit will think His thoughts, speak His words, and do His acts through you.  He will lead you and give you power to follow in righteousness.  This is revelation.

All of Truth is based on revelation from God.  Lies are based on assumptions, presuppositions, axioms, and so forth.  In other words, lies have a starting point of vapor while Truth has a starting point of God speaking to you personally.  That is how you were born again . . . if you have been born again.  God spoke to you personally through some means, and you heard His Voice, and His faith, His supernatural belief and trust, came to you.  Your fake reality of lies was largely shaken at that point and much of it was destroyed.  However, God wants to destroy everything in our minds that is not of faith/revelation.  He wants only Truth, or Reality, and no lies.

Christ wants to so dwell in you that His righteousness springs up in you, in your thoughts, in your words, and in your actions.  Or, you can work very hard to learn the answer that corresponds to every lie, and then Satan can create 10,000 more lies.  Study as you will, you are unlikely to be able to know so much that you can answer every lie of Satan by your own intellectual prowess.  In fact, Satan has so controlled some ungodly people that they troll for Christians as one would troll for fish, with provocative statements or questions but a mind that is totally closed and set on destruction.  If you run into this, here is a page on how to handle trolling.  But be sure to read the rest of this article to find out about the real problem rather than frustrate yourself.

Some people cannot come to Christ because they have become captive of a lie or a whole fake-reality in their minds, a fake-reality constructed from many lies and just enough truth to make it believable  Sometimes, you may wonder if God can reach them.  If their hearts are not hardened against God completely, the Holy Spirit may be able to reach them.  The Holy Spirit can demolish Satan's strongholds in their minds. Your task is to proclaim Christ and His Kingdom to them and leave the rest to Him.

The strongholds of lies can be very convincing to a person who is a prisoner of a fake-reality, a fake world in which they live.  To the person deceived by it, the fake-reality becomes more real than real reality.  They automatically filter out any facts that conflict with their fake-realities.  You may wonder how they could possibly be saved from this fake-reality.  Not only is it personally difficult to leave the lies for the truth, but some of these people could lose their careers if they don't believe their lies.  It's common that people who come to the Truth are persecuted as a result.  In addition, many of these lies cause people to make horrible lifestyle decisions leading them into sins that are abominations--sins that deeply take control of their whole bodies, emotions, and minds.  These sins are addictive and painful to leave.  Plus, they may face ridicule from their friends as they themselves have ridiculed others.  It is very difficult for a person who is captive of a fake-reality of lies to come to the realization that everything they have learned has been twisted into a lie.  It is even harder when they must admit that they are sinning or when they must endure persecution for believing Truth.

This section of is dedicated to some of the problems that these lies have and the conflicts of the fake-reality with real reality.  Sometimes, you can just ask a few questions without even commenting on the answers that you are given (there are stock answers that the liars learn to give--but those answers as are unconvincing to the liars themselves as they are to you.) and that can shake the person's blind belief in the lies.  For instance, if the lie is evolution, you may ask, "Wouldn't evolution require that information be added to cells by natural processes?"  "How could natural processes and mutations create new information?  In my understanding, all observed mutations have either removed information to the benefit of a living thing or else removed information to the detriment of a living thing."  "What would be an example of new information adding information to the genome of a living thing?"  Suppose the person believes that God doesn't speak to anyone.  You could ask, "What convinces you that God doesn't speak to anyone?" "Could you, for example show me a scientific experiment that would absolutely prove that I'm not experiencing what I'm experiencing, or is this something that you just prefer to believe?" or "I'm just wondering what process you use to know the inner spiritual experiences of me and millions of other followers of Christ.  Could you explain?"  Of course, if you have the wrong spirit and ask these things, for instance, if you have a sarcastic tone, then you will likely be an ineffective witness since you won't allow Christ to shine.  If you say whatever you say by the Holy Spirit, they may give the stock answers, but their answers will have a hollow ring to them.  If their innermost mind is not totally hardened against God, they may hear His Voice and respond.  It may not happen in your presence, but sometime in the future.

Every person who tells lies to keep themselves from serving God has knowledge of God.  God speaks to them in their innermost minds.  Your task is not to convince them but rather to proclaim Christ to them (in your thoughts, words, and actions) so that Christ may work from their innermost minds to call them to Himself.  The Christ Who is in you is the Christ Whom they must see to be transformed.

(some caveats about hearing God's Voice)

Since God says that He created everything in six days, creating Adam and Eve as the first man and woman, any story that is told that conflicts with that is a lie. In addition, since God says that sin caused death--that there was no death before Adam and Eve sinned--any story that conflicts with that is a lie.

Some stories are told that don't conflict or compete with what God has made plain. They do go beyond what God has revealed, though.  These stories, as interesting as they may be, are merely stories as well.  This would include many theologies and scientific theories.  An example would be the theory of an astrologer who develops a theory that fits both science and God's revelation about how distant starlight could have reached the Earth.  These are called cosmologies and there are several that are compatible with Scripture, but they are merely stories and should not be taken as revelation.

You will no doubt run into many people who talk about science and logic but who don't believe what God says. They refuse to listen to God as God reveals Himself to them through His creation and through the Bible.  They don't hear God's Voice.  Jesus said, "My sheep hear My Voice." Jesus said, "Those who are on the side of Truth listen to Me." God tells us, "Today, if you hear His Voice, don't harden your heart/innermost mind." These people who talk about science and logic without having a starting point of God's revelation must either have a starting point of they made it up, or another person made it up, or a demon made it up.  This is basic to both logic and science. Why don't they teach this is school?  They ought to.  Without this information, no one can understand the limits of the human mind.  See "How can we know anything about anything?" for more on this subject.

With a starting point of God’s revelation, we have a way to know things.  Many people start their thinking process with a starting point of assumption.  If anyone starts their thinking process with assumptions, there is no way that they can know anything.  They can’t even know for sure that they can trust their senses, their ability to reason, or anything else.

There is nothing that can be observed in the universe that conflicts with what God tells us through the Bible. There are some very big conflicts between what can be observed and every story that conflicts with what God tells us through the Bible.  There are many stories that conflict with what God tells us through the Bible.  However, none of these stories works with what we know through science.

These unscientific, un-biblical stories include evolution, big bang, life from non-life, naturalism (Naturalism is the assumption God doesn’t control everything in the Universe to the smallest particle to keep it in order and that God doesn't speak to us and empower us for righteousness.), materialism (Materialism is the assumption that God, angels, demons, and the spiritual realm don’t exist.), uniformitarianism (Uniformitarianism is the assumption that there was no catastrophic worldwide flood.) and Atheism (Atheism is the religion of the Un-Godly). All of these un-biblical stories have huge conflicts with science. And even if they didn’t have such problems with science, they would still be mere stories that have not yet been exposed as lies. Revelation from God, on the other hand, is the truth. And all of creation--that is all of what can be known by real science--confirms this fact.

The ungodly people in the world want to imply that if they would be able to tell a story that no one can disprove, then that story is true and scientific. Sadly, the way that they make their story bullet-proof is by prophesying that the very real problems that make all of their stories into scientific impossibilities will be solved in the future by science.  You may say, “Who would believe such a thing?” Yet, there are many people who have been brainwashed into believing this.  Many people in powerful positions in Universities, organizations, and government!

In the meantime, new discoveries, from science, archeology, and many other areas, continue to be in perfect harmony with what God says through the Bible.  And new discoveries continue to be in conflict with the ungodly stories of ungodly people.  The problem is not evidence. The ungodly tell us that they will believe their stories regardless of the evidence.  They simply don’t want to acknowledge God and His truth.

“The Bible may not be a scientific textbook but if it is the Word of God then surely we should expect its science to be as accurate as its theology.” John Blanchard

God revealed Himself in the form of Christ, and built His church on the foundation of Christ.  After a few hundred years, the early church fell away from God's ways.  There was no doubt always a light of God's presence in some faithful persons, but the church turned from the power and authority of the living Christ, eventually even restricting access to the Bible and distorting truth.  God has also revealed many helpful things through the scientific method.  However, Atheists have used the word, science, for control.  They have largely distorted the scientific method and speculated about things beyond scientific method, calling their speculations, "science."  In this way, they have deceived many.  Note the following quotes that change the definition of science to fit the Atheistic religion.

“Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such an hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic” Dr Scott Todd, Kansas State University

“We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs. … Moreover, … materialism is an absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door” Professor Richard Lewontin (retired American evolutionary biologist and geneticist)

The apostle Paul notes what is a universal problem throughout time:

“Since they did not think it worth while to retain the knowledge of God he gave them over to a depraved mind.” Roman 1:28

God, has chosen to bring the lost to Himself through the proclamation of the Living Christ, rather than through the reasoning of those who reason from a starting point of assumption, presupposition, and baseless assertion.  There is no way to come to know Christ but to actually come to know Him.  He is not a theory or a concept.  As He says: He is the truth, that is, He is reality.  And we must come to Him in spirit and in truth/reality.  There is a huge difference between knowing Him and knowing all about the theories of science. It is the difference between an unfolding revelation from God as opposed to a story based on wild imagination being told by those who have no regard for truth.

1 Corinthians 1:21 For when, in the wisdom of God, the world didn't know God by means of human philosophy, it pleased God, by the foolishness of proclamation, to save those who believe.

Last updated: Jan, 2014
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