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Lies, Confusion, Inconsistency

It is Lies, Confusion, and Inconsistency in your mind that keep you from submitting fully to God.   This is the problem that is common to all people.   These inconsistencies are the very things that keep us in bondage. These inconsistencies are misrepresentations of reality and they actually keep you, and every person, from seeing reality as it really is. We can't even see the spiritual realm as it really is. However, God has a plan to solve this problem.   The extent to which you yield to the Spirit, is the extent to which you are set free to your high calling. To the extent that you resist the Holy Spirit, you remain a slave to the lower elements of the world.   

"If one thing has died in our time, it is truth... You cannot have meaning in life until you believe the truth about   who you are, Who God is, and what man's destiny is."   Ravi Zacharias

So many are involved in playing church.   Their churches are hollow entertainments or dead forms and rituals.   Many people don't want anything to do with the church and it's church politics, shifty finances, and dead letter religion  ("The letter killeth"  2 Corinthians 3:6).   They know by the Spirit of God that there is something wrong.   The churches are not following   the pattern of Scripture.   How could anything work right without following God's pattern and order and Spirit?   It cannot.

The meaning of life should be obvious, but so many deceitful things have been said, shown on TV, written in books, and displayed by bad examples that most people are confused. All of us are somewhat confused sometimes. The reality is that God is going to reconcile everything to Himself, and He is calling you to have a part in it. (Colossians 1:20)   We can easily see from Colossians 1:20 that God is going to reconcile all things to Himself.   That may be a bit hard to believe when you look at what is happening in the world around you, but the work has already been accomplished on the cross.   We just need to appropriate what God has already done through the blood of Jesus.   This, in a nutshell, is the meaning of life and God's purpose in the Earth. This is why Jesus came, to redeem not only you but the entire creation.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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