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Logical Fallacy of Ludus / Ludic Fallacy


Logical Fallacy of Ludus / Ludic Fallacy

The ludic fallacy is one of the many smokescreens that are used to cover the fact that the reasoning is based on one of the three fallacies of Agrippa's trilemma. Whenever a logical fallacy is committed, the fallacy has its roots in Agrippa's trilemma. All human thought (without Divine revelation) is based on one of three unhappy possibilities. These three possibilities are infinite regress, circular reasoning, or axiomatic thinking. This problem is known as Agrippa's trilemma. Some have claimed that only logic and math can be known without Divine revelation; however, that is not true. There is no reason to trust either logic or math without Divine revelation. Science is also limited to the pragmatic because of the weakness on human reasoning, which is known as Agrippa's trilemma.

The ludic fallacy occurs when statistical models are constructed and applied in complex domains where there are too many variables to account for and know with certainty. It involves applying naive and simplified statistical models in complex domains. The ludic fallacy is very common in supposed predictions in the scientific community. Most ludic fallacies are hidden in innuendo or unclear speech. The first example given below would more likely be given as: "It is very improbable that God exists." The second would be much more likely to be given as: "It is much more likely that the sediments throughout the Earth were laid down over billions of years than that they were laid down by a worldwide flood." Most people making such statements would be unable to say anything about how they are calculating probability because they are simply repeating statements that were based on ludic fallacies.

Examples of the Logical Fallacy of Ludus / Ludic Fallacy

From an Atheistic website: "If all we have is “God” with no attributes, there is a 50% chance that this God exists.  As soon as we add an attribute though, the chances go lower.  If you have a God that created the universe for instance, you have a 50% chance that God created the universe and you have a 50% chance of God existing.  That means that you actually have a 25% chance.  If that God created man, suddenly it’s a 1/8 chance.  If that God created dogs, it goes to 1/16 and so on.  Let’s say that God created every atom in the universe.  That alone is roughly a 1/10^80 chance that there is a god that created every single atom in the universe."

That is what the ludic fallacy looks like. The reality is that God's existence is 100% because He has personally revealed Himself to us. Our own existence would be questionable except for the fact that He has revealed to us that we actually exist and that He holds us responsible for our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Eric Mann: "Noah’s flood did not occur. A noticeable problem anyone could point out with the story of Noah’s flood is where the water for the flood came from. The story claims that the water covered the entire world. Enough water to cover all land, all the way up to Mt. Everest. The amount of water needed to cover that much land is roughly 4,530,488,766 cubic kilometers (Noah's flood - what does the evidence say?, 2005). This is more than 3 times the amount of water that currently resides on the earth."

This simplistic calculation leaves out many facts and even more possibilities, thus, the ludic fallacy. We know, by revelation, that the mountains raised up and the valleys (ocean bottoms) went down at the end of the flood. The water came from under the Earth. We don't know everything about how the flood took place, but there is ample evidence, and many flood models that effectively explain the evidence. We know absolutely that the Genesis Flood occurred. We know this by revelation from God Who cannot lie.

Last updated: Sep, 2014
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