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Logical Fallacy of the Conspiracy Theory


Logical Fallacy of the Conspiracy Theory

The logical fallacy of conspiracy theory is one of the many smokescreens that are used to cover the fact that the reasoning is based on one of the three fallacies of Agrippa's trilemma. Whenever a logical fallacy is committed, the fallacy has its roots in Agrippa's trilemma. All human thought (without Divine revelation) is based on one of three unhappy possibilities. These three possibilities are infinite regress, circular reasoning, or axiomatic thinking. This problem is known as Agrippa's trilemma. Some have claimed that only logic and math can be known without Divine revelation; however, that is not true. There is no reason to trust either logic or math without Divine revelation. Science is also limited to the pragmatic because of the weakness on human reasoning, which is known as Agrippa's trilemma.

The logical fallacy of the conspiracy theory occurs when someone assumes that there is a conspiracy of one or more people, but there is no evidence for it because they are so good at covering up the evidence. Of course, conspiracies are going on all the time. Most of us have been part of at least one and probably many. Perhaps they were not dangerous conspiracies, but they were conspiracies none the less.

Most conspiracies are quite informal and the people involved in them know that there are certain things that must be kept secret, but they don’t think of them as conspiracies. In fact, they think of them as doing the right thing.

The flip side of this fallacy is the fallacy of no conspiracies. This is probably more serious than the fallacy of the conspiracy theory in that it denies that there might be conspiracies, even in the light of very strong evidence of a conspiracy.

Tip: Don’t get upset about conspiracy theories. If you suspect one but have no evidence, pray about it. Pray for protection if it appears to be a conspiracy that might hurt someone. If you have evidence, go to those in authority. Otherwise, leave in God’s hands. There are many things done in the darkness that will be exposed to the light.

One other point: God sometimes gives you a warning about something. Never fail to acknowledge God’s warnings. If you are entering into a business deal, buying a house, buying a car, forming a partnership, or any other thing, and God puts a check in your innermost mind, immediately turn to Jesus and inquire about this. Don’t pass it off as nothing without thoroughly looking into it.

Examples of the Logical Fallacy of the Conspiracy Theory

Sandy: "Ken Ham sells tickets only to those who believe in one side of the debate and refuses admission to others, or promise to stream an event and then cancel it out of fear he will be shown up in the debate. You should be ashamed of yourselves, but I've learned that fundamentalists really have very little shame when it comes to covering up embarrassments."

Rocky: "So, you believe that the online software used for ordering the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate tickets has the capacity to somehow sort out the atheists from the creationists? Really??"

This is a far-fetched conspiracy theory, probably rooted in the lack of scientific and logical credibility of the evolution story, which generally does very poorly in a fair debate where both debaters are competent.

Sandy: "From the very beginning of our quest to unravel the Christ conspiracy, we encounter suspicious territory, as we look back in time and discover that the real foundation of Christianity appears nothing like the image provided by the clergy and mainstream authorities."

Rocky: "That is amazing that you could say that, given that Jesus Christ, including His birth, ministry, and resurrection, is by far the most documented human being of ancient times. However, I know that the account of Jesus Christ in the Bible is real and actual because I know Jesus Christ personally. He is the One Who guides me moment by moment, and I'm learning to hear His Voice and to respond in obedience."

Sandy: "See! You are in on the conspiracy!!!"

There are many conspiracy theories concerning Christ with one ungodly person trying to out-do the last one. They write books about their silly theories, but the real problem is not that they don't know that Christ is their God. It is not a problem of the intellect but a problem of rebellion against Christ. They don't want Christ to rule over them. We know this by revelation. God says that everyone knows.

Fallacy Abuse

Rocky: A very powerful Darwin Conspiracy, led by atheists, has suppressed the truth about evolution theory and fed us lie after lie after lie for over 100 years.  The Darwin Conspiracy has both faked evidence, suppressed evidence and it currently constantly lies to promote Darwinism. 

Sandy: That is just a phony conspiracy theory. How could every scientist be in on it.

Actually, Rocky can provide evidence that shows that there is indeed a conspiracy theory, and every scientist doesn't have to be a conspirator. Once Darwinism became the politically correct view with severe sanctions against any unbelievers, most scientists fell in line. They saw no reason to question what they were being told and checking out the real facts is very time-consuming.

"There’s no getting around it. Creationists may prefer not to think to [sic] much about the conspiratorial implications of what they’re arguing, but creationism just won’t work without the actual existence of such a “fraud so complex and extensive it involved every field from archaeology, paleontology, geology and genetics to biology, chemistry and physics." "Theory No. 2 doesn’t blame the scientists. It blames God. This conspiracy theory says that God is lying. This involves some variation of the Omphalos hypothesis, meaning the belief that the apparent age of the world is not its actual age. The idea here is that God simply created the world to appear far older than it is."

This fallacy abuse is a straw man argument that comes from a website that is defending Darwinism. By saying, "Creationists may prefer not to think to [sic] much about the conspiratorial implications . . .," the author admits that he is just making up these two conspiracy theories and trying to pin them on creationists--a straw man fallacy. The fact is that there is no evidence at all that the story of molecules-to-man evolutionism (Darwinism) actually happened. The fact is that God tells us that He created all the kinds of living things to produce after their own kinds, and He tells us that He did it in six days. He also tells us that death was introduced by sin, that there was no death before sin. We know this by revelation. Beware of fallacy abusers who seek to fool you as this person is attempting to do. And, don't be guilty of fallacy abuse yourself.

Last updated: Sep, 2014
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