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What is the foundation, the basis, of evolution?


If you have not read Stories Versus Truth, you may want to read that before reading this.


What Is the Foundational Basis For Evolution

Short answer

Evolutionism is based on observation and mathematical logic and rationalized speculation and presupposed assumptions. Evolutionism presupposes that there is no God, there was no flood, there was no creation, and there are no miracles. You may wonder how a Christian would put up with the obvious conflict that is required to embrace it. As one such Christian has said, it is universally accepted as fact here at the university. Peer pressure! When observation conflicts with presupposition or speculation, evolutionists ignore observation. Evolutionists have the ability to move smoothly from observation and logic to presupposition and speculation without even realizing they are doing so.

Creation Science is based on observation and mathematical logic and revelation. This observation and mathematical logic and revelation does not place the artificial restraints of presupposed assumptions. It does not presuppose that there is no God, was no flood, was no creation, are no miracles, etc. It just sticks with observation and mathematical logic and revelation. From that, creation is obvious. One would think that revelation would not be needed. However, the human mind is evil. It cannot perceive through the veil of the flesh. God must pull back the veil for anyone to observe reality.

Evolution isn't science.

Though they never talk about it, evolution mentality also requires an underlying invalid assumption. The evolutionists assume that rationalized speculation is reasonable, which it is not. Made up stories and fairy tales are not reasonable no matter how they are rationalized.

Since they discovered the theory, generations of scientists have used up the excess free money that government makes readily available, feverishly trying to find some evidence to support the beautiful and creative theory that they discovered. So far, they haven't come close to finding any evidence, but each new discovery holds the possibility that perhaps they may yet be able to make some sense of the theory. Keep the dream alive! You do have to hand it to them! They are continuing to proclaim that evolution is the only possibility after spending all this money and actually digging themselves into an ever-deepening hole. This persistence in the face of utter failure does reflect a very high degree of dogmatism if not utter stupidity. Give credit where credit is due.

Look at the foundation

Everything has a foundation or basis. That foundation may be solid or shaky.

There was a man who built a nice house on a firm foundation. Some time later, he decided to build an addition to that house, but didn't bother to put a foundation under the addition. Pretty soon, the addition started to shift and sink into the ground. Because he had nailed the addition to the house, it was bringing the rest of the house with it. Though the addition was well built, it had no foundation, so it had to be torn down.

Thoughts are like that. Suppose someone were to base their view of life on made up stories, lies, and assumptions. That would be an unstable foundation, wouldn't it? It wouldn't matter how much wonderful scientific method and logic they used from that point, because the foundation would be missing. Whatever is built without a foundation will fall.

Evolution versus Creation: The foundations

We really need to understand the foundations of these two ideas. One says that Almighty God created everything. The other says that everything created itself. The fun part is to get down to the proof of evolution. It's fun to laugh at ourselves. It's a tonic tried and true. Of course, if you are into fairy tales, there is plenty of proof of evolution.

The idea of evolution is based on made up stories. If you follow those stories back to their origin, you will usually end up with a root story. That root story is a fairy tale about the human mind being able to manufacture knowledge and understanding. It is the fairy tale that says that the fabrications of the human mind are valid. There is no proof to support this, but plenty of proof to show that the human mind's fabrications are simply lies. According to pure logic and observation, evolution is impossible.

All the complexity of creation shows the handiwork of the Creator. Pure logic and observation tell us that the Creator exists, and they tell us quite a bit about Him. And they also support the account of the Book of Genesis.

Last updated: Jun, 2013
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