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Oliver Wendall Holmes Used Power To Changing The Basis Of Law Away From The Bible And The Constitution


1864  A Complete Change in Thinking About Law

Oliver Wendall Homes enters Harvard and, within a year, becomes a law professor. He pushed a socialist agenda and was rewarded with a Supreme Court appointment in 1902.

Holmes worked with Brandeis to support government intervention to control the economy. They had a great affect in making the Roosevelt's New Deal legislation even more of a disaster than it would have been without them. These two were convinced that, if the government enough power in the hands of a few people will result in utopia.

Holmes worked successfully to strip all morality from the law, as liberals/progressives work today to finish the mostly completed stripping. That is to say, Holmes worked to make sure that the laws of the United States were not in any way connected to the Supreme Law of the Universe, the Law of nature and nature's God. This is the point of complete reversal where good is though to be evil and evil is thought to be good.

Holmes preached that laws can be changed "as quickly as the populace can be manipulated to believe a new idea." Holmes declared, "We do not realize how large a part of our law is open to reconsideration upon a slight change in the habit of the public mind. No concrete proposition is self evident no matter how ready we may be to accept it." So Homes disagreed with the Founders who said, "We hold these truths to be self evident..." And now these truths are being destroyed by a corrupt legal system.

Holmes and Brandeis both promoted social science as the new source of revelation and the basis for changing good into "evil" and evil into "good." This is idolatry, making social science the new god and its worship the new state-sponsored religion in the United States. In fact, a giant cultic religious organization has developed around this idea. This religious organization is the fund-raising, doctrinal, missionary outreach, and administrative function of the new religion that is based on Darwinism and Liberalism. This giant religious organization is made up of the United States Federal Government, state governments, and local governments throughout the United States, combined with drive-by media who have been granted special rights, and many non-profit organizations that are intertwined with government. Some would object, saying that evolutionism, Liberalism, atheism, and agnosticism are not true religions. The fact is that these are not true religions, but they are false religions, cults. In the final analysis, they are denominations of a single anti-Christ cult. One has only to watch the drive-by media news to see the venom of their hate toward Christ and all who follow Christ.

Last updated: Dec, 2010
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Oliver Wendall Holmes Used Power To Changing The Basis Of Law Away From The Bible And The Constitution

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