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One Of The Main Tenets Of Post Modernism, The New Liberal Doctrine, Is Message Control.


One of the main tenets of Post Modernism, the new Liberal doctrine, is message control. Under post-modernism, there are no absolutes; truth not only doesn't matter, but, under post modernism, truth does not exist. This concept is also known as relativism--the opposite of fundamentalism. Liberals love to say, "Everything is relative." If everything were relative, then truth doesn't exist and life is about winning. And that is exactly where the trail ends for the Liberal religion. The meaning of life is winning. The purpose of life is getting what you want, pleasure, money, entertainment, fun, recognition, fame and fortune. And that is where message control enters in.

message control is essential to winning. If the liberals are going to win, they must control all communication. Al Gore made a terrible mistake when he "invented the Internet," but Liberals are struggling to bring the Internet under liberal control so they can give the message of liberalism as the only message.

Since the 1960s, the liberals have made hugh sacrifices and dominate every form of communication. If there is a method of communication, the liberals control it or are trying to gain control of it. There are some areas where liberals are, for various reasons, having trouble gaining control and these are discussed later in this article.

The schools were a major target for liberals and they have spent a huge amount of effort coercing Christians and other non-liberals out of education. They literally drive non-liberal teachers from the schools and universities to control what children will be taught.

Hollywood has made every effort to get rid of any non-liberal actor, director, or other major player. The effort is to have only liberal plays, movies, dramas, comedies, and documentaries. The entertainment industry is an area where the liberals have a strangle-hold, and how they reacted in anger to a movie that depicted Christ with respect!

The entertainment angle is particularly deceptive, because even the "nice" shows have a theme, a deep liberal theme. Every drama becomes a chance to make use of the natural trance state of TV to sell some Liberal point. Liberals learned long ago that there are many of their ideas that just don't work in real life. Not to worry, write a play or TV script. In the land of make-believe anything can work. Fiction is great for proving liberal points that could be proven in no other way. And, fortunately for the liberals, American Christians are addicted to entertainment. Those who are wise should take warning.

The music industry has proven to be a powerful persuader. Music itself can carry the liberal message without words. In fact, much of what is called Christian Music is actually new age, if not in word, in spirit.

Most of the book publishers and book reviewers are liberals, so a non-liberal book will be ignored.

The early effort to gain control of the scientific community, scientific journals, etc. has paid off well for liberals, but it has greatly compromised the integrity of what is called "science." Now, any non-liberal paper is routinely screened out. Non-liberal teachers are removed from universities, and, increasingly, college degrees are merely certificates of political correctness held by individuals who have been educated into ignorance. Evolutionism and global warming are sold as if they had evidence, which they do not.

The news media was an obvious area where liberals gained control quickly and now control virtually all major media outlets: TV, Newspapers, Magazines with few exceptions. The news industry has been very successful in drumming out any non-liberals. ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, The New York Times, and literally every major news source other than Fox News is controlled by the Left wing and will get rid of any non-liberals. Fox is pretty much a mix of Liberals and non-liberals and the liberals are angry that Fox has let non-liberals work in the industry. Liberals are trying to do something about Fox because they want no non-liberals reporting the news.

The news media has been trading credibility against the opportunity to persuade the public and, so, gain political power. The 2004 election almost put Dan Rather and others out of business. Only about 30% of all people believe they are getting unbiased news from these liberal news sources, but most liberals think that the news media elite are unbiased.

As the Communists did in Russia, the American liberals know that they need to have absolute control of communication. As the Communists in China will kill a woman for handing out Bibles in the market place, so the liberals in America know that they need to hold tight message control. Much of the Liberal so-called election reform has actually been an attempt to muzzle all non-liberals. Liberals have open minds, but only to liberal ideas.

There are a few lines of communication that are still open, but liberals are working to close them up. Radio talk shows have been a great opportunity for non-liberals to have at least some voice, and many non-liberals now get all their news from talk radio.

Accusations that are totally unfounded are presented as if they had credibility, but only if those accusations are against a Christian or even any who seem to be non-liberal. When as many as three-hundred witnesses attest to something, it is carefully screened from the news as not newsworthy, because it is something that would blow the whistle on liberalism. Wild claims and liberal mantras are carried around as if they were news and as if they were proof of liberal ideas. Information is censored if it shows how silly liberalism really is. Then, enormous effort is put forth to try to say that the liberal news media is not liberal. Since, to these liberals, absolutism is a terrible thing, these types of misrepresentation are just part of playing the game. Predictably, Christians are listening to these empty voices less as they come to understand the intent and purpose of the news casts.

Another source for non-liberal news has been the Internet with great news services such as,,, and On the internet, you get your news faster, more to the point, and when you want it. And you don't have to listen to lies.

Email has been another great source, although it is easy for Liberals to put out false emails that sound credible in order to make it harder to discern truth from fiction. In addition, websites that are supposed to be watch dog organizations, like, can tend to lean left and just slightly twist their analysis, making themselves like CNN and CBS.

So, beware of worldly counselors.

Last updated: Nov, 2011
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