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Presuppositions are assumptions that are treated as if they were facts. They are used two ways.

  1. I hope you don't notice that I have slipped in my Presuppositions.
  2. You MUST Accept MY Presuppositions!

Usually they go with plan 1. until they get caught. They just try to fool you until you bring up the problem. When you bring up the problem, they act as if you have lost your mind. They become emotional. They insist that their presuppositions are absolute and cannot be questioned.

It is interesting that Martin Luther would not discuss or debate unless the other party accepted sola scriptura--the Bible is the final word. The ungodly of the culture will not discuss anything of substance if the other party will not deny sola scriptura. And the Christians with no backbone cave into this ultimatum.

For an experiment, just go onto a blog where Atheists troll and tell the truth. Tell that you believe the account in the Bible because the Holy Spirit makes it real to your innermost mind. Point out that, without revelation, all reasoning to interpret any observation to any degree must be based on made-up stuff (assumptions, stories, lies, irrationality). Point out that the only way to interpret observation without resorting to flimflam is by revelation. Point out that everyone who is following Jesus is also led by Jesus. How could it be any other way. If someone is not led by Jesus, then that person is not following Jesus. They may be having a rationalized faith, but they are certainly not having the faith of God that comes by hearing the word/logos/utterance of God. They will refuse to discuss on that basis and demand that you return to the assumptions of naturalistic, materialistic, uniformitarian science as if those three assumptions were in any way valid.

This is enforced in statements such as, "You are anti-science!" "You are a flat-earther." "You don't understand science." "What you just said is not very scientific." Of course, they really mean, "You don't believe my arbitrary assumptions and I define science as beginning with my arbitrary assumptions." The idea is to shame you into accepting their arbitrary assumptions.

What happens is that followers of Christ feel compelled to accept the presupposition, and they have then compromised themselves into starting with a set of rules. The rules say that God doesn't exist. So, God cannot lead you. The Bible, then, is just a phony book. Christ would never lead anyone into such a compromise.

The Rules: No personal experiences with Christ are allowed. The Bible is not allowed. Revelation is not allowed. Mention of God is not allowed. Anyone who believes in God is insane and therefore must give absolute evidence that an Atheist would accept for the existence of God. Hint: there is no such evidence. Since God doesn't exist, everything must have created itself regardless of any physical evidence that is presented to the contrary.

You may think that this tactic could not possibly work. Actually, the majority of scientists are controlled by this very method. For scientist and university professors, the second step usually involves a threat to the career. Yes. Coercion is used to control what scientists are allowed to think.

So what are the presuppositions? The main three are Naturalism/Atheism, Materialism/Atheism, and Uniformitarianism. When the ungodly person says the word, "science," they almost always mean a process that begins with these three assumptions.

Naturalism and Materialism are largely redundant with the core component being, "There is no God." After making this assumption, they forget that it is an arbitrary assumption and set it as an axiom that is sacrosanct and cannot be challenged. People who challenge this assumption find themselves not gaining tenure in the tax-supported Secular Humanist Universities. They are drummed out of the tax-supported Secular Humanist museums.

Naturalism and Materialism then become presuppositions for use in logic. The logic goes like this: We already know that God doesn't exist, therefore God doesn't exist. They put in some magicians patter to make that less obvious of course. They say things like, through scientific method, we can deduce that evolution is a scientific fact. They have determined that, since there is no God (their presupposition), evolution must have happened because we are here. You may say, "Nah! No one could be that stupid." It's true. There are people, a lot of them, that think this is really intellectual thinking.

Uniformitarianism, in the same way, assumes that the Genesis flood never took place--an assumption that changes how you look at any of the evidence. Then, using this assumption/presupposition, they set out to prove that the Genesis flood never took place. It goes like this: The Genesis flood never took place, therefore the Genesis flood never took place. Again, they will put in all types of other language to hide the circular reasoning.

Other presuppositions include IntellectualismModernismRationalismRelativismScience Worship, and Scientism. It is assumed that God cannot speak to you and lead you--that God cannot indicate to you that the Bible is the Word of God without error. If you give specifics of how God leads you, it is assumed that God did not lead you . . . since they have already established that God doesn't even exist.

See the baloney detector for more information.

Last updated: Dec, 2013
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